Dr Arif Rochman

Dr Arif Rochman

Dr Arif Rochman

 Dipl.Ing.(HM Munich),M.Sc.(HTW Aalen),Ph.D.(QUB Belfast)

Senior Lecturer

Room 004
Engineering Building
University of Malta
  +356 2340 2394
Arif Rochman obtained his Dipl-Ing. (FH) degree in aeronautical engineering from the University of Applied Sciences Munich, in Munich Germany, in 2000. He finalised his undergraduate study with a successful thesis at the former DaimlerChrysler Aerospace in Ottobrunn (Munich) where he worked on the failure analysis of fire protected glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP). Driven by his experience and interest in light weight structure and long fibre reinforced plastics, he furthered his studies in Polymer Technology at postgraduate level at Aalen University in Germany where he obtained his MSc Degree in 2002. He subsequently joined the Institute of Polymer Science and Processing at Aalen University, where he worked on several research projects in the field of polymer processing and polymer testing as well as on simulations of polymer processing.

In July 2010, he obtained his PhD degree from Queen's University Belfast (UK). His research work dealt with the development of a novel processing method for manufacturing thin-walled micro components made from engineering and high-performance polymers. In cooperation with one of the industrial research partners, the developed processing method, named Thermo Flow Forming (TFF), has been patented. TFF process enables the manufacturing of microparts made not only from standard polymer but also from high performance polymers, which are mostly high viscous and some of which not processable using injection moulding process.

Since January 2009, he works at the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (DIME) at University of Malta.
  • Polymer Design
  • Polymer Processing
  • Polymer Testing
  • Tool/Mould Design and Manufacture
  • Additive Manufacturing for Rapid Prototyping, Tooling and Manufacturing (RPTM)

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  • ENR2101 - Engineering Systems and Components
  • MFE2201 - Advanced Manufacturing Processes
  • MFE3109 - Polymer and Composite Manufacturing Techniques
  • MFE4110 - Maintenance Management
  • MFE4210 - Introduction to Tool Design and Manufacture
Ongoing Research Projects

Development of an Innovative 3D Printer (MALTI3D)
Funding Body: Malta Council for Science and Technology through the FUSION: R&I
Technology Development Programme (R&I-2018-009T)
Role: Principal Investigator and Coordinator

Innovative Mold Vacuum System (VacuUM)
Funding Body: Malta Council for Science and Technology through the FUSION: R&I
Commercialisation Vouchers Programme (R&I-2020-004V)
Role: Principal Investigator and Coordinator

Biodegradable Iron for Orthopaedic Scaffold Applications (BioSA)
Funding Body: Malta Council for Science and Technology through the FUSION: R&I Technology
Development Programme - (BioSA R&I-2017-037T)
Role: Partner and Leader of a work package

Development of 3D Printing Head with Laser Melting for Printers Using Fused Filament
Fabrication (FFF) Technology (LASeeeR)
Funding Body: Malta Council for Science and Technology through the FUSION: R&I Technology
Development Programme - (R&I-2017-025T)
Role: Partner and Leader of work packages Filament Development and Printing Head Holder

Previous Research Projects:
Exploiting Multi-Material Micro Injection Moulding for Enhancing Manufacturing
Competitiveness (EX-MMIM), MCST Funded Project, R&I 2012-002
Role: Key Expert 1

Member of Polymer Processing Society (PPS)
Member of Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)

Rochman A., Frick A., Schlipf M., Stern C., Production of Plastic Moulded Parts by Forming,
International Patent WO 2009/027019 A1, 05.03.2009