Prof. Charles Galdies

Prof. Charles Galdies

Prof. Charles Galdies


Associate Professor

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Rural Sciences and Food Systems
University of Malta
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Dr Charles Galdies is a senior lecturer with the Division of Environmental Management and Planning within the Institute of Earth Systems. He has received his Ph.D. in Remote Sensing and GIS from Durham University (UK) in 2005. He studied ways to improve small-scale weather and ocean forecasting in the central Mediterranean region using novel remote sensing observations of the ocean and atmosphere. Dr Galdies previously served as Chief Meteorological Officer of the Malta Meteorological Office from 2007 to 2011, and Deputy Executive Director of the International Ocean Institute Headquarters. He was also the Permanent Representative of the Government of Malta with the World Meteorological Organisation.

Dr Galdies's expertise focuses on weather and climate, the application of remote sensing for coastal, benthic and terrestrial ecological mapping, as well as environmental data processing and analysis. He has provided consultancy to the Food and Agriculture Organisation, the European Commission, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and to private companies related to ecology and policy formulation.
  • Meteorology
  • Photometry
  • Climate change
  • Earth observation technology
  • Numerical Weather Prediction
  • Geographic Information System

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  • BIO3520 - Natural History of the Maltese Islands
  • EMP1014 - Environmental Data Processing
  • EMP1025 - Geo-spatial Mapping
  • EMP2001 - Earth's Atmospheric System
  • EMP2010 - Environmental Monitoring: Earth Observation Systems
  • EMP3016 - Environmental Pollution
  • EMP3024 - Climate Change
  • EMP5006 - Spatial Technologies for Environment Resources Management
  • EMP5007 - Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
  • EMP5016 - Tools and Techniques
  • EMP5019 - Research Methods for Natural Environment and Resource Management
  • ERL4000 - Climate Change and International Law
  • GSC1402 - Earth Observations from Space
  • GSC5101 - Global Ocean Governance Framework and Managing our Relations with the Oceans
  • MEC5009 - Energy and the Environment 2