Prof. Christian Scerri

Prof. Christian Scerri

Prof. Christian Scerri



Biomedical Sciences Building
University of Malta
  +356 2340 2268
  • Genetics of Breast Cancer
  • Thalassaemia and Haemoglobinopathies
  • Genetics of Coeliac Disease
  • Molecular genetics
  • Medical genetics
  • Clinical genetics
  • Biomedical ethics

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  • HSC2001 - Critical Thinking in Ethical Applications for Bioscientists
  • MDS1010 - Blood and Body Defence Mechanisms
  • MDS1026 - Molecular Biology and Genetics
  • MDS2028 - Anatomy and Physiology Projects
  • MDS2029 - Integrated Biomedical Sciences
  • PHB1101 - Body Fluids, Cells, Cardiovascular and Respiratory Physiology
  • PHB1102 - Renal Physiology and Haematology
  • PHB2101 - Gastrointestinal and the Endocrine System
  • PHB2502 - Molecular Haematology and Immunology
  • PHB2503 - Molecular Human Genetics
  • PHB2505 - Science Communication
  • PHB5030 - Molecular Biology and Genetics
  • RAD2210 - Breast: Imaging, Pathology, Radiotherapy and Oncology
  • RAD5123 - Management and Care of Breast Cancer