Prof. Colin Calleja

Prof. Colin Calleja

Prof. Colin Calleja


Associate Professor

Room 235
Old Humanities Building
University of Malta
  +356 2340 3363
DR Colin Calleja B.Ed.(Hon), M.Ed. (Melit.), Ph.D (Leipzig) is the Dean of the Faculty of Education and the Head of Department for Inclusion and Access to Learning. He is a Senior Lecturer in Differentiated and Inclusive Pedagogies. He is the National Let Me Learn Centre coordinator, A joint initiative between the Directorates for Education and the Faculty of Education. He is the European Coordinator for the Let Me Learn Process.

Over the years he participated in a number of European projects including the 7-country Comenius 2.1 project (2004-07) on preparing teachers to respond to student diversity - and the 6-country Grundtvig European Project entitled Let Me Learn. He was also an active member of the European University of Lifelong Learning Network (EULLEARN) that among other things aimed at developing a virtual resource Centre for lifelong learning and set a European Masters Programme on Regional Development. In 2013 he was awarded the EUPA Good Practice Award (2007-2013) in recognition of his well-managed Grundtvig Learning Partnership Programme called E-SPICES. He was also an active member in the previous Grundtvig Project SPICES.

Dr Calleja has for the past years been involved in migrant issues both as an academic and as an activist. He actively collaborates with the Directorate for Human Rights and Integration within the Ministry for European Affairs and Equality in particular in the area of migrant integration efforts.
  • Pedagogy
  • Inclusion
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Culturally Responsive teaching
  • Let Me Learn
  • Technology enhanced Learning

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  • EDS1005 - Human Development and Life-long Learning Potential
  • EDS5002 - Educational Contexts: Learners and Learning
  • EDS5005 - Educational Contexts: Curricula and Pedagogies
  • EDS5027 - Social contexts and inclusive conditions of teaching and learning in primary schools
  • EDS5028 - Social contexts and inclusive conditions of teaching and learning in secondary schools
  • EDU5958 - Culturally Responsive Education Programmes and Settings
  • IAL1028 - An introduction to the Let Me Learn Process
  • IAL2012 - Supporting Gifted and Talented Learners
  • IAL5001 - Themes in Education 2