Dr Daniela DeBono

Dr Daniela DeBono

Dr Daniela DeBono

 B.A.(Melit.),M.A.(Melit.), Ph.D.(Sus.)

Senior Lecturer

Room 101 Blk A
Porta Cabin
University of Malta

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  • ANT1004 - Ethnography and Anthropological Theory
  • ANT2008 - Ethnographic Research Strategies
  • ANT3007 - Economic Anthropology
  • ANT3023 - Anthropological Perspectives on Human Rights
  • ANT3030 - Anthropology of Migration
  • ANT3033 - Current Issues in Cultural and Social Anthropology: Synoptic Revisions
  • ANT5072 - Forced Migration and the Humanitarian Border: Anthropological Perspectives
  • SOC5014 - Inequalities in Health
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