Prof. Godfrey Baldacchino

Prof. Godfrey Baldacchino

Prof. Godfrey Baldacchino

 B.A.(Melit.),P.G.C.E.(Melit.),M.A.(The Hague),Ph.D.(Warw.)


Room 310
Second Floor
Administration Building
University of Malta
  +356 2340 3630


International Development & Quality Assurance
Godfrey Baldacchino PhD (Warwick), BA (Gen.) (Malta), PGCE (Malta), MA (The Hague) is Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology and Chairman of the Board of the Centre for Labour Studies, both at the University of Malta, Malta. He is also an Island Studies Teaching Fellow at the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI), Canada; and outgoing Canada Research Chair in Island Studies (2003-2013) at the same university. He is founding Executive Editor of Island Studies Journal (ISSN: 1715-2593), now indexed in Web of Science, and incoming Executive Editor of Small States & Territories (a new, on-line, open access journal). He served as Visiting Professor of Island Tourism at the Universita' di Corsica Pascal Paoli, France (2012-2015). He was Member and Chair of the Malta Board of Cooperatives (1994-2003) and core member of the Malta-European Union Steering & Action Committee (MEUSAC). In 2008-2010, he was Vice-President of the Prince Edward Island Association for Newcomers to Canada. In 2014, he was elected President of the International Small Islands Studies Association (ISISA). In June 2015, he was elected Chair of the Scientific Board of RETI, the global excellence network of island universities.

Since October 2016, he is serving as Pro Rector (International Development and Quality Assurance) at the University of Malta, assisting the Rectorate of Prof. Alfred J. Vella.

His areas of research interest include: island studies, small state studies, political geography, sociology of work, international relations, island tourism, entrepreneurship, brain rotation, immigration, labour relations, human resource management, adult education, worker empowerment and the development of cooperatives.

Prof. Baldacchino has (co-)authored 22 books, reports and monographs; (co-) edited or guest edited another 27 and has authored, since 1993, over 130 peer-reviewed journal articles or book chapters.

Prof. Baldacchino`s work has also appeared in French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Swedish (and apart from English and Maltese).
  • small states
  • island studies
  • sociology
  • labour relations

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  • CLS1210 - Gender and Decision Making
  • CLS3104 - Employee Involvement and Participation
  • CLS5107 - The Workplace
  • IRL2083 - Small Jurisdictions and International Relations
  • SOC1061 - Sociology of Island Life
  • SOC2079 - Sociology of the Habitat
  • SOC5005 - Health Medicine and Society: An Introduction to Medical Sociology