Prof. Irene Sciriha Aquilina

Prof. Irene Sciriha Aquilina

Prof. Irene Sciriha Aquilina

  B.Sc.,M.Sc.,Ph.D.(Reading UK),F.T.I.C.A.


Room 316
Maths & Physics Building
University of Malta
  +356 2340 2645
Irene Sciriha graduated BSc mathematics/physics, MSc (University of Malta) and PhD in Graphs/Linear Algebra (University of Reading (UK)). She lectured at the University of Malta 1971-1974 and since 1987. She is currently professor of mathematics, teaching algebra and the spectra of graphs. Professor Sciriha served as Department of Mathematics representative on the Science Faculty Board and is currently chair of the faculty's research ethics committee. She was chair of various university senate and council sub-committees including Gender Issues, Auditing Faculty of Theology, and Auditing Institute of Agriculture. She also served on the Quality Assurance, the Staff Development, Students' Charter, AWR, and the Lisbon Convention Diploma Supplement Committees in accordance with the associated standards of the Bologna Process.
Professor Sciriha taught mathematics, physics and computer science at sec- pre-university level. She represented the Math dept on the national Science-Education Division Committee for Development of Math Courses at pre-university levels and on the Matsec syllabus panels since the preparatory years for the setting up of the Matsec system in Malta. She is still an active member of the revisers and marking team .

She publishes regularly in the areas of her research interests in abstract algebra, which extend to spectral graph theory, molecular chemistry and computer science. She is also an associate editor for the international journal Graph Theory Notes of New York, and is also referee for international journals including Elsevier's and ISRN journals. World Scientific and Engineering Academy and the American Mathematical Society have appointed her as a reviewer of published papers.

Internationally, Prof Sciriha has been recognized as expert in her field and is occasionally asked to give plenary sessions at conferences. She represented Malta on the Helsinki Group of the European Commission, promoting women in research for ten years and was formerly elected as the president of the European Women in Mathematics . On a national level, she was often consulted on policy documents on science and women as academics-decision makers. During the CHOGM conference held in Malta, she convened the People's Forum Gender and the Digital Divide meeting.
  • Spectral Graph Theory
  • Hamiltonian Cycles and P=NP
  • Network Structures and the Threshold Model
  • Singular Graphs, Nut and Core Graphs, Fullerenes
  • The Adjacency, Laplacian and Signless Laplacian Matrices
  • Linear Algebra and Groups
  • Mathematical Chemistry, Computer Science ans social Network Analysis
• Research Work in Progress:
Hamiltonian Cycles and NP Completeness
Network Structures and the Threshold Model
Molecular Structure, Energy and Conductivity
The Adjacency, Laplacian and Signless Laplacian Matrices
Singular Graphs, Nut and Core Graphs, Fullerenes
The Reconstruction of the Characteristic Polynomial of a Graph

• Projects:
Graph Spectra and Fullerene Molecular Structure

• Ongoing Collaborations:
Universities of Sheffield (UK), Coimbra, Aveiro (PT), Messina (IT), Belgrade,
Kragujevac, (RS), Galway (IE)

• Fellowships and Awards

Fellow of the Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications: (Canada/US) 2002.

Malta National Council of Women: Awarded Honourary Life Membership 2012

Maltese Biographies: Included in 'Dictionary of Maltese Biographies' by
Michael J. Schiavone. -(2009)

CNRS Chosen Mathematician:Mathematician Representing MALTA in the new 25-Europe
2004. Retained position in new edition 2009.

Evaluator: Reviewer of work of researchers seeking promotion to
professors at their university for NRF (National Research Foundation)
South Africa

Evaluator: Shortlisting proposals and selecting Marie Curie Scholars for the
European Commission

Book Mention: Chosen as Distinguished Mathematician from Malta:
Maths Europe by CNRS, FM,CIJM, CEA, INRIA, ESA.
2006, 2009.

• Complete Lecturing Portfolio

MAT 1001 Matrices: Equations and Eigenvalues
MAT 1101 Algebra I: Groups and Vector Spaces
MAT 1102 Groups and Vector Spaces
MAT2103 Rings and Number Theory
MAT2112 Linear Algebra I : Orthogonalization, Direct Sum, Rank, Minimum Polynomial,
Inner Product Spaces, Diagonalization & Applications
MAT3114 Linear Algebra II: Transformations, Isomorphism Theorem, Dual Spaces,
Inner Product Spaces, Diagonalization & Jordan Normal Form
MAT3492 Discrete Mathematics: Graph Theory
MAT3990 Seminar: Linear Algebra & Graph Theory
MAT2902 Computational Mathematics: Mathematical Software: Graphs, Discrete
Mathematics, Orthogonalization, Solution of Recursion Relations

Post Graduate
MAT 5412 Master : Algebraic Graph Theory, Spectra of Graphs, Molecular
Conductivity, Social Networks.