Prof. JoAnn Cassar

Prof. JoAnn Cassar

Prof. JoAnn Cassar



Room 207
Built Environment Building
University of Malta
  +356 2340 2866
Prof. JoAnn Cassar is Full Professor and Head of the Department of Conservation and Built Heritage within the Faculty for the Built Environment, University of Malta, and Deputy Dean of the Faculty. She is a Fellow of the International Institute for Conservation (FIIC), Fellow of the Geological Society (FGS), Chartered Chemist and Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (CChem, FRSC) and Chartered Scientist (CSci). She is a Board member of the Maltese national agency for museums, conservation practice and cultural heritage -Heritage Malta. She has been carrying out research on stone characterization, deterioration and conservation for over thirty years, including specifically on the Maltese Prehistoric Megalithic Temples. She is currently leading projects, within the Department, on the Conservation of the Great Siege Cycle of Wall Paintings at the Palace of the President of the Republic (Valletta, Malta) – with Ms Jennifer Porter from the same Department; on an evaluation of the behaviour of the shelters over the Prehistoric Megalithic Temples of Malta - with Heritage Malta, on the behaviour of traditional and modern local roofs - with Dr Charles Galdies, Institute of Earth Systems. She is also leading Malta’s participation in the transnational project IPERION HS and spearheading, with local Heritage organisations, Malta’s participation in E-RIHS - the European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science. She has directed the nomination, and acceptance, of Malta’s Globigerina Limestone as a Global Heritage Stone Resource by the IUGS. She has lectured widely in foreign universities, has given numerous presentations at international conferences and is a regular reviewer for scientific and cultural heritage journals. She has over seventy scientific publications on conservation-related topics to her name, and is the co-editor of seven books.
  • Conservation education
  • Conservation science
  • Climate change and cultural heritage
  • Earth observations for cultural heritage
  • Conservation of archaeological sites
  • Deterioration and conservation of building materials

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  • BLH3421 - Traditional Building Materials
  • BLH4027 - Traditional Materials and Techniques 1
  • BLH5311 - Heritage Building Materials and Technology
  • BLH5331 - Deterioration and Conservation
The Department of Conservation and Built Heritage is currently involved in a number of high-
level projects where Professor Cassar is the lead researcher.
These are:
- Evaluating the behaviour over the megalithic Temples of Malta through Computational Fluid
Dynamics (CFD) modelling

- Earth observation for heritage buildings conservation and sustainability (EO4HBCS)

- Conservation of the wall paintings by Perez d'Aleccio in the Throne Room of the
President's Palace, Valletta



The Department, led by Professor Cassar, is also a main main beneficiary of ERDF funds which
have resulted in the purchase of high-level portable and other equipment, dedicated to
Heritage Science research. These will be a core component of the Heritage Science
laboratories in the Sustainable Living Comples (SLC) currently being built.