Dr Kurstin Gatt

Dr Kurstin Gatt

Dr Kurstin Gatt

 B.A. (Hons)(Melit.), M.A. (Leipzig), Ph.D. (Berlin)


Rm 104 Portacabins Blk A
Car Park 6
University of Malta
  +356 2340 3611
Dr Kurstin Gatt is a scholar of the Arabic language and modern Arabic literature focusing on the intersections of the literary, the religious, and the political in modern Arabic discourse. Dr Gatt’s main area of interest and expertise is the analysis of political discourse in the Arab world with a special focus on modern jihadist discourse of militant jihadist groups such as the so-called ‘Islamic State.’
  • Political Discourse in the Arab World
  • Militant Jihadist Discourse
  • Modern Arabic Literature
  • Arabic Dialectology
  • Politolinguistics
Special Achievements, Grants and Scholarships

2020 Ernst-Reuter-Society of Friends, Sponsors and Alumni grant
2019 Doctoral thesis summa cum laude
2016-2019 German Research Association (DFG) fellowship
2013-2015 DAAD scholarship
2014 Minerva Stiftung
2011 DAAD scholarship

Scientific Memberships

DAAD Alumna
BRISMES (British Society for Middle Eastern Studies)
DAVO (Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft Vorderer Orient)
AIDA (Association Internationale de Dialectologie Arabe)


MINSEL: An etymological dictionary of Arabic lexemes in Maltese