Dr Luke Anthony Fiorini

Dr Luke Anthony Fiorini

Dr Luke Anthony Fiorini

 B.Sc.(Hons)(Melit.),P.G.Dip.(Melit.),M.Sc.(Derby), Ph.D. (Nottingham)


Room 201
Humanities B (FEMA)
University of Malta
  +356 2340 3367
Dr Luke A Fiorini is a resident academic at the Centre for Labour Studies (CLS), University of Malta. He holds qualifications in physiotherapy, ergonomics (or human factors), and occupational health psychology and management, amongst others.

Prior to joining the University of Malta in 2012, Luke worked as a senior physiotherapist in Malta’s sole public rehabilitation hospital. He also had extensive experience working as an ergonomist in the private sector, and as a physiotherapist in private clinics, having a special interest in preventing and treating occupational injuries.

Since joining the Centre for Labour Studies, Luke designed and now coordinates the Bachelor Degree in Occupational Health and Safety (Hons). This degree replaced the Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety which was offered by the CLS since 1997. Apart from lecturing in this course, he also lectures extensively in the Bachelor in Work and Human Resources, as well as several other courses.

In terms of research, Luke is particularly interested in topics related to ergonomics and occupational health psychology. In particular, he has conducted research regarding presenteeism, absenteeism, work-related musculoskeletal disorders, work-related stress, and the wellbeing of healthcare workers. He is also interested in performance management, reward management, worker involvement, and labour relations.

Luke is a member of the Maltese network of Eurofound (European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions) correspondents. He is also the Maltese ambassador for The European Network Education and Training in Occupational Safety and Health (ENETOSH), as well as a member of the European Trade Union Institute’s (ETUI) Worker Participation network.
  • Presenteeism and absenteeism
  • Occupational health and safety in Malta
  • Work related musculoskeletal disorders
  • Occupational stress
  • Performance management
  • Industrial relations
  • Workplace engagement and motivation

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  • CLS1112 - Academic Skills in Work and Human Resources
  • CLS1226 - Gender and Health
  • CLS1314 - Academic Skills in Occupational Health and Safety
  • CLS1319 - Biological Principles in Health, Safety and Occupational Toxicology
  • CLS2103 - Performance Management
  • CLS2106 - Motivation and Compensation
  • CLS2301 - Gender, Age, Race and Disability
  • CLS2305 - Health and Safety Management and Supervisory Skills
  • CLS2401 - Ergonomics and Design
  • CLS3106 - Personality at Work
  • CLS3110 - Workplace Design and Ergonomics
  • CLS3307 - Synoptic Study-Unit
  • CLS5104 - Career Guidance Tools