Prof. Marceline Naudi

Prof. Marceline Naudi

Prof. Marceline Naudi


Associate Professor

Room 122
Humanities B (FEMA)
University of Malta
  +356 2340 2980
Marceline Naudi received her first degree from University of Malta (1980), her Master’s Degree in Women’s Studies from University of Bradford (U.K.) (1990) and her Doctorate from Manchester University (2004).
A social worker by profession, her practice (in England, Ireland and Malta) included work with children and young people in care and their families, ex-offenders, homeless people, persons with mental health support needs and survivors of domestic violence. She is a member of the Department of Gender and Sexualities and further contributes to teaching and supervision of student research within several other University Departments on gender issues, violence against women and other anti-oppressive issues (LGBTIQ, ethnicities, disabilities) at Diploma, Bachelor, Master and Doctoral level. She was the Scientific Co-ordinator of the European Observatory on Femicide which was launched on the 1st of March 2018 and was hosted by the University of Malta until January 2020.
She has contributed to research and reports for several EU projects and Institutions, such as FRA and EIGE, on the issues of gender and violence against women among others. She is Regional Editor for Europe of the Journal on Gender Based Violence, and recently co-edited a special issue.
She is an activist in gender equality and violence against women, as well as wider human rights issues, and has convened, chaired and presented at many conferences, seminars and meetings, both in Malta and Europe. She represented Malta on the Council of Europe ad Hoc Committee on Violence against Women and Domestic Violence (CAHVIO) which drafted the Istanbul Convention, and is ex-President and elected member and of its Group of Experts, the GREVIO. She has supported and acted as consultant to various organisations in the field of violence against women, gender, LGBTIQ, racism and ethnicity, and continues to support, sit on the boards of management and act as consultant to various NGOs in the field. She served as the Chairperson of the Commission on Domestic Violence (Malta) from 2006 to 2010 and as a member of the Gender Equality and sexual diversity Committee of the UM for many years.

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  • ACA2010 - Diversity of Gender and Sexuality in Adult Learning Settings
  • FSD5512 - Introduction to Intimate Partner Violence and Family Violence during the Perinatal Period
  • GDS1008 - Violence Against Women
  • GDS5005 - Gender Based Violence
  • GRS0001 - Gender Based Violence and Domestic Violence for Police Officers
  • GRS1011 - Introduction to Gender and Sexualities
  • GRS2005 - Sexual and Gender Diversity for Social Wellbeing
  • INE2601 - Inclusive Communities and Schooling
  • LAS2049 - Sexual and Gender Diversity
  • PSY5104 - Gender and Addiction
  • SWB1001 - Foundations of Social Wellbeing
  • SWP5140 - Social Work Theory and Models of Practice