Dr Marc Kosciejew

Dr Marc Kosciejew

Dr Marc Kosciejew


Senior Lecturer

Room 505
MAKS Building
University of Malta
Dr. Marc Kosciejew is a Senior Lecturer and previous Head of Department of Library, Information, and Archive Sciences at the University of Malta. Dr. Kosciejew received his PhD in Library and Information Science (LIS) from Western University in London, Canada. He also holds a Master of Library and Information Science from Western University; an Honours Bachelor of Arts and various LIS certificates from the University of Toronto; and a Higher Education Teaching certificate from Harvard University.

Dr. Kosciejew is the author of over eighty academic articles, book reviews, and newspaper articles. His peer-reviewed articles have appeared in leading scholarly journals, such as Journal of Documentation, The Library Quarterly, Digital Scholarship in the Humanities, Media History, Tate Papers, and Performance Philosophy. Dr. Kosciejew also serves as the Associate Editor, Book Reviews for the Journal of the Association of Information Science and Technology (JASIST), a top-ranking global LIS journal.

Dr. Kosciejew has conducted research worldwide including in Europe, North America, Africa, and pioneering research in Asia on North Korean libraries. He conducted original, first-hand research in North Korea in 2007 on the country’s library system. This research was published in 2009 as a special two-part series in Feliciter, the journal of the previous Canadian Library Association, representing some of the first English-language publications on this subject.

Dr. Kosciejew has lectured worldwide in Belarus, Canada, Croatia, Malta, and the United Kingdom. He has also presented at diverse conferences at various universities and events in Europe, North America, and Asia, such as at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), National Archives of Sweden, Malta Book Festival, UNESCO headquarters in Paris, and Tate Modern.

Dr. Kosciejew was appointed by Malta’s Minister for Education and Employment as Chairperson of the Malta Libraries Council for 2016-2017, a government-appointed council stipulated in the Malta Libraries Act 2011, to help provide advice on libraries, learning, and literacy to senior political and cultural leaders, including the National Librarian of Malta.

Dr. Kosciejew’s research interests include Documentation Studies, Information Philosophy, Information Policy, Records and Information Management, and Library and Information History.
  • Library and Information Science
  • Documentation Studies
  • Information Philosophy
  • Library and Information History
  • Records and Information Management
  • Information Ethics
  • Information Policy

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