Dr Marie Avellino

Dr Marie Avellino

Dr Marie Avellino



Room 434
Humanities B (FEMA)
University of Malta
  +356 2340 3352
Dr Marie Avellino is the Director of the Institute for Tourism, Travel and Culture at the University of Malta. Her research interests include social anthropology, cultural heritage research, tourism and Older Adults and Seniors, Cultural Identities, Intercultural Competencies for Management and Visitor Experience Management. Her EU-Funded Projects experience includes: 2012-2014 Lead Researcher in the Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Programme, entitled Socialising Tourism, SoTo and the 2013 - 2015 - Project Manager for Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Programme, entitled Heritage Interpretation for Senior Audiences, HISA and the more recent involvement such as Project Manager for two 2018-2021 Erasmus + Key Action 2 Strategic Partnerships with the Project Title “Boosting blue Entrepreneurs' competences toward an environmental care ecosystem’’(BLUESPROUT) and the 2019-2021 Skills for promotion, valorisation, exploitation, mediation and interpretation of European Cultural Heritage (EUHeritage).
  • Anthropology
  • Cultural heritage research
  • Ethnography
  • Older Adults and Seniors
  • Social and Cultural Capitals
  • Tourism
  • Visitor Experience

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  • TRS1071 - Introduction to Tourism Studies 1
  • TRS1131 - Introduction to Heritage and Culture
  • TRS3291 - Branding and Tourism
  • TTC1125 - Customer Relations Management
  • TTC1126 - The Tourist
  • TTC2222 - Tourism and Culture Study Trip 2
  • TTC2224 - Data Gathering and Analysis 2
  • TTC3102 - Niche Tourism
  • TTC3109 - Managing Tourism Projects
  • TTC5003 - The Marketing and Management of Culture
  • TTC5004 - Research Methods in Cultural Tourism
  • TTC5014 - Customer Relationship Management
  • TTC5200 - Managing the Visitor Experience
  • TTC5203 - Intercultural Competencies for Management
Chair: Island Tourism Platform
Vice Chair: Interpret Europe Supervisory Committee
Coordinator: Executive Master in Business Administration in Hospitality and Event Management
Reviewer: International Journal of Tourism Cities, hosted by Greenwich University, London
Reviewer: Turystyka Kulturowa (Cultural tourism) hosted by Jagellonia University, Krakow