Dr Michael A Buhagiar

Dr Michael A Buhagiar

Dr Michael A Buhagiar


Senior Lecturer

Room 205
Guzè Cassar Pullicino Building
University of Malta
  +356 2340 3374
Michael A. Buhagiar is a senior lecturer in mathematics education at the Department of Mathematics and Science Education, Faculty of Education, University of Malta. His main lecturing and research area is educational assessment, especially in relation to the mathematics classroom. His other research interests include reflective practice, inquiry-based learning and teacher education. Apart from his varied publications, Dr Buhagiar has participated in a number of EU-funded research projects that seek to improve, among other things, the teaching and learning of Mathematics across Europe. Before joining the Faculty in 2008, he was a class teacher in a primary school and taught Mathematics in a secondary school and at the Junior College of the University of Malta.
  • Assessment
  • Mathematics Education
  • Teacher Education

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  • EDS5001 - Themes in Education 1
  • LLI5002 - Field Placement 2
  • MSM5005 - Personalising Learning in the Mathematics Classroom
  • MSM5006 - Implementing Assessment for Learning in the Mathematics Classroom
Research Projects:

CLeStuM (2017-): Member of the research project 'Collaborative Lesson Study Malta' CLeStuM) (see www.clestum.eu). This project is funded by the Faculty of Education, University of Malta, and the Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education, Malta.

MaSDiV (2017-2020): Member of the University of Malta Project Team on the EU-funded Erasmus+ research project (E17FE10-01) 'Supporting Mathematics and Science Teachers in Addressing Diversity and Promoting Fundamental Values' (MaSDiV). (see http://masdiv-project.eu/).

IncluSMe (2016-2019): Member of the University of Malta Project Team on the EU-funded Erasmus+ research project (E16FE98-01) 'Intercultural Learning in Mathematics and Science Initial Teacher Education' (IncluSMe) (see http://inclusme-project.eu/).

CDFE (2013-2015): Member of the University of Malta Project Team on the EU-funded Tempus IV research project (E12FE65-01) 'Capacity Development of Faculties of Education in International Approaches to Teacher Education' (CDFE) (see http://tempus-cdfe.com/).

SForD-TP (2013-2014): Coordinator of the research project 'Strengthening the Formative Dimension of Teaching Practice through School-based Mentoring' (SForD-TP).

PRIMAS (2010-2013): Member of the University of Malta Project Team on the EU-funded FP7 research project (E09FE41-01) 'Promoting Inquiry in Mathematics and Science Education across Europe' (PRIMAS) (see http://www.primas-project.eu/).