Prof. Ing. Michael A Saliba

Prof. Ing. Michael A Saliba

Prof. Ing. Michael A Saliba



Room 413
Engineering Building
University of Malta
  +356 2340 2924
Professor Michael A. Saliba has been conducting research in Robotics and Automation at the University of Malta since 1998. He set up, developed, and leads the Robotic Systems Laboratory (RSL) (formerly the Robotics and Industrial Automation Laboratory – RIAL) at the university, and directs an active research and development programme in Robotics and in Industrial Automation. His main areas of research concern the development of dexterous robotic and prosthetic hands; the study of grasping, manipulation and dexterity issues in robotics and in humans; the development of whole hand input / output devices (master gloves) for the tele-operation of artificial hands; the development of robot-inclusive spaces and of mobile assistive robots; the development of innovative actuators and sensors; the design optimization of compact multi-degree-of freedom mechatronic systems; the study of reconfigurability in manufacturing automation; and the implementation of case studies in industrial automation. He has originated and led several research projects, in particular the nationally funded projects “A rationalisation of industrial automation requirements and service provision in Malta, with a focus on the development of new modular reconfigurable industrial automation systems – AUTOMATE” (2007 to 2010), and “Development of the mechanical and control framework for a minimal anthropomorphic prosthetic hand – MAProHand” (2017 to 2022), and regularly publishes the results of his research in peer reviewed journals and international conferences. He regularly reviews international journal and conference submissions. He is an IEEE Senior Member, and a Member of the ASME, the SME, the APS, and CoE (Malta).

Professor Saliba has developed and taught various postgraduate and undergraduate study units UM, in the areas of Robotics, Automation, Manufacturing, Mechanics, and Public Speaking; and has supervised and/or examined numerous postgraduate and undergraduate theses. He is very active in the administrative affairs of UM, having served on both the University Council and Senate; and as Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, among many other roles. He has also served as Secretary and then President of the University of Malta Academic Staff Association. Prior to embarking on his postgraduate studies he was a Planning and Development Engineer with Air Malta Co. Ltd.
  • Robotics
  • Mechatronics
  • Industrial Automation
  • ENR1120 - Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering
  • ENR5026 - Science Communication in Engineering
  • MEC1101 - Engineering Mechanics - Statics
  • MEC4100 - Robotics
  • POD5050 - Foundations of Design in Orthotics and Prosthetics 1
Professional Affiliations:

Senior Member IEEE

Member Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)

Member American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

Member American Physical Society (APS)

Corporate Member Chamber of Engineers (COE) (Malta)