Prof. Norbert Bugeja

Prof. Norbert Bugeja

Prof. Norbert Bugeja


Associate Professor

Mediterranean Institute
Tal-Hursun Farmhouse
University of Malta
  +356 2340 3769
Prof. Norbert Bugeja graduated with a doctorate summa cum laude in Postcolonial Studies from the Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies of the University of Warwick in 2011, where he pursued his studies as a Commonwealth Doctoral Scholar under the mentorship of Neil Lazarus, Benita Parry and Rashmi Varma. In 2012, his book-length monograph 'Postcolonial Memoir in the Middle East' appeared from Routledge in its Research in Postcolonial Literatures book series. Since then, he has published extensively in postcolonial and Mediterranean studies, comparative post-colonial literatures of the Mediterranean, autobiography, cultural and political dynamics and developments in the MENA, and the literature of Malta.

Prof. Bugeja is Director of the Mediterranean Institute, a member of the international Advisory Council of the Anna Lindh Foundation, and General Editor of the Journal of Mediterranean Studies.

Prof. Bugeja has delivered keynotes, invited lectures and readings at universities and higher-education institutions in the UK and the US, and various countries in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. He has lectured at the universities of Kent (UK), Warwick (UK), Toronto and others. Prof. Bugeja was awarded the Commonwealth Doctoral Scholarship (2007-2010). He has published three poetry collections in Maltese, 'Insa li Mhijiex Hawn' (Klabb Kotba Maltin 2021), 'Nartiċi' (Klabb Kotba Maltin 2016, shortlisted for the National Book Prize 2017) and 'Bliet' (Edizzjonijiet Emma Delezio 2009, awarded second placing at the National Book Prize 2010), and two in English translation, 'South of the Kasbah' (Midsea Books 2015, shortlisted for the National Book Prize 2016, translated by Irene Mangion) and 'Stay, Fairy Tale, Stay! (Midsea Books/Inizjamed 2005, translated by Maria Grech Ganado). He has recited his poetry at literature festivals in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Prof. Bugeja is a member of the Faculty Board of Arts and the Institute Board of European Studies. He has acted as Advisory Editor and reviewer for high-profile publishers, journals and scholarly publications, including Routledge ABES, the Journal of Postcolonial Writing, Life Writing and CounterText, and is a member of various scholarly organisations.
  • Postcolonial theory
  • Mediterranean Studies
  • Critical and Cultural Theory
  • Postcolonial literatures
  • MENA Studies
  • Materialist Critique
  • Life writing and travel writing
  • ENG1075 - Genre: Poetry
  • ENG1077 - Literary Criticism and Theory: An Introduction
  • ENG1078 - Writing Seminars 1
  • ENG1177 - Studying English Literature at Undergraduate Level
  • ENG1275 - Genre 2: The Lyric
  • ENG2033 - Maltese Literature in English
  • ENG2077 - Practical Criticism
  • ENG2277 - Practical Criticism: Poetry
  • ENG2333 - Maltese Literature in English: Poetry
  • ENG3051 - Synoptic Study-Unit 1: Ideas and Concepts
  • ENG3052 - Synoptic Study-Unit 2: Readings, Interpretations, Applications
  • ENG5075 - Critical and Creative Writing
  • ENG5100 - Critical Debates in Literary Studies
  • ENG5102 - Writing the Mediterranean 2
  • MDT5002 - Directed Studies
  • MDT5003 - Research Methods
Member of the International Advisory Council, Anna Lindh Foundation

General Editor
Journal of Mediterranean Studies

Space, Narrative, Memory Research Area Coordinator
Mediterranean Institute