Prof. Ing. Philip Farrugia

Prof. Ing. Philip Farrugia

Prof. Ing. Philip Farrugia


Associate Professor

Room 007
Engineering Building
University of Malta
  +356 2340 2045
Philip Farrugia received the B. Eng. (Hons) degree from the University of Malta in 2001 with First Class Honours. He joined the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (DIME) at the University of Malta in 2001, as a Research Assistant. In February 2003, he was appointed as an Assistant Lecturer with the same department. In September 2008 Philip was appointed as a lecturer after completion of Ph.D. with research related to 'Computer-Aided Early Form Modelling'. Currently he is an Associate Professor with DIME. Prof. Ing. Farrugia coordinated the taught masters course in integrated product development for ten years. He has published over fifty peer reviewed research papers in fields related to product development. Furthermore, he has attracted over 1 million Euros in research funding from various programmes, including Horizon2020, over a period of 7 years. He is currently the regional coordinator of the Institution of Engineering Designers (IED) UK.
  • Computer Support for Engineering Design
  • Design for Health and Wellbeing
  • Design for Additive Manufacturing
  • Design of Product Service Systems
  • Human Factors in Design

MAMO, J., FARRUGIA , P. and SANT, T., 2019. An Intelligent Computer-based Framework for Integrating Emotions and Aerodynamics in Sportsbike Design. International Journal of Design Engineering (IJDE), 9, pp. 1-21.

FALZON, J., FARRUGIA, P. and CASHA, A., 2015. Rapid Fabrication of Annuloplasty Rings by Electron Beam Melting, Proceedings of the Design of Medical Devices Conference – Europe edition 2015 , 8-9 September 2015 2015.

SCHEMBRI, M., FARRUGIA, P., WODEHOUSE, A., GRIERSON, H. and KOVACEVIC, A., 2015. Influence of Sketch Types on Distributed Design Team Work. CoDesign Journal, 11(2), pp. 99-118.

FARRUGIA, P., CAMILLERI, K.P. and BORG, J.C., 2014. A Language for Representing and Extracting 3D Geometry Semantics from Paper-based Sketches. Journal of Visual Languages and Computing, 25(5), pp. 602-624.

SAID, L., FARRUGIA, P., ROCHMAN, A. and VELLA, P., 2014. Design of an endoscopic micro optical part for fabrication with micro two shot injection moulding, Procedings of the ASME 2014 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences & Computers and Information in Engineering Conference (IDETC/CIE 2014), 17-20 August 2014 2014, pp. V004T06A012-DETC2014-34271.

FARRUGIA, P.J., BALZAN, F. and BORG, J.C., 2011. A Global Collaborative Design Framework for Sketch-Based Parametric CAD Modelling. International Journal of Product Development (IJPD), special issue on IT Based Proactive Design and Synthesis for X in Product Life-Cycle Design, 13(1), pp. 16-37.

FARRUGIA, P.J., BORG, J.C., YAN, X.T., CAMILLERI, K.P. and GRAHAM, G., 2007. A Sketching Alphabet for Paper-based Collaborative Design. Journal of Design Research (JDR), special issue on Fostering innovation during early informal design phases, 6(1/2), pp. 260-261-288.

FARRUGIA, P.J., BORG, J.C., CAMILLERI, K.P., GIANNINI, F. and YAN, X.T., 2005. Extracting 3D shape models and related life knowledge from paper-based sketches. International Journal on Computer Application in Technology (IJCAT), special issue on Models and methods for representing and processing shape semantics, 23(2/3/4), pp. 120-121-137.

  • ENR5006 - Research Methods for Engineering
  • MFE1101 - Engineering Drawing
  • MFE2004 - Computer Aided Engineering Design (CAED)
  • MFE2201 - Advanced Manufacturing Processes
  • MFE3105 - Engineering Design
Principal Investigator of 5 Research Projects

A Smart User-Centred Product Service System for Evaluating and Developing Functional Hand
Skills in Children with Cerebral Palsy (SMARTCLAP)
Sept'20 -
Funding body & level (FB&L): Malta Council For Science & Technology (MCST): 2020 FUSION
Technology Development Programme (TDP) (Eur188,949)

Personalised Recovery Through A Multi-User Environment: Virtual Reality For Rehabilitation
Oct'19 -
FB&L: Horizon2020, Call H2020-ICT-2018-2020, Research Innovation
Action (Eur4M, UM's share: Eur395k)

Rider-Centred Product+Service System for Designing Safer Motorcycles (RIDE+SAFE)
Sept'18 - to date
FB&L: MCST 2018 FUSION TDP (Eur194,861)

Development of a Device Supporting Children with Language Impairment (SPEECHIE)
Jul'16 - Nov'19
FB&L: MCST: 2016 FUSION R&I TDP (Eur194,460)

Exploiting Multi-Material Micro Injection Moulding for Enhancing Manufacturing
Competitiveness (EX-MMIM)
Oct'12 - Oct'15
FB&L: MCST R&I2012 (Eur141,871)

Commercialisation Project

Conformity and Usability Risk Assessment for SPEECHIE Commercialisation (CRISP)
July'18 - July'19
FB&L: TAKEOFF Proof-of-Concept (POC) Funds (Eur16,500)

Registered International Community Designs:

European registered community design (ERCD) Nos. 001428254-0001 to 001428254-0003: Design of
a novel suction device used in a medical instrument.

ERCD No. 001420863-0001 & US registered design patent No. 29519235:A novel design of an
artificial rib bridge.

ERCD No. 003040799-0001:Endoscope Lens.

Key Awards:

Aug'13: Reviewers' Favourite Award for the paper 'A Training Strategy for Managing
Distributed Conceptual Design Work', presented at the 19th International Conference on
Engineering Design, Seoul, South Korea.

Nov'19, Feb'22: WIPO IP Enterprise Trophy for SPEECHIE and RIDE+SAFE, awarded by the Malta
Intellectual Property. Both projects won the Technological Initiative category.

UM Activities:

Coordinator of the M.Sc. Integrated Product Development (IPD) course (2008-2018)
Member of the following boards:
M.Sc. IPD Board of Studies (BOS) (2008 to date)
M.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering BOS (2018 to date)
M.Sc. by Research BOS (2012 to date)
Faculty of Engineering (2009-2015)