Dr Rebecca Dalli Gonzi

Dr Rebecca Dalli Gonzi

Dr Rebecca Dalli Gonzi


Senior Lecturer

Room 214
Built Environment Building
University of Malta
  +356 2340 2860
Rebecca Emily Dalli Gonzi PhD (Glasg), MSc (Edin), B.E. & A. (Melit) (Hons), A. & C.E., A.L.C.M. (Lond), is an architect, project co-ordinator and lecturer. She is a registered and certified civil engineer by the Chamber of Architects, Malta. She has worked in the private and public sector, both in Malta and in Scotland.  She is a resident academic at the University of Malta lecturing project management in the Department of Construction and Property Management and within the Department of Insurance, lecturing on Geopolitical and
Environmental Risk and Business continuity Management. She also lectures Project
Development at the Institute for Sustainable Energy. She has founded The DALI Model, which
is a tool used for organizational risk assessment particularly when firms undergo rapid change. This model has been presented as an empirically tested proactive model in a specific
environment for managing organisational risk for companies to arrive at their objectives with
minimal setbacks. Her book titled ‘Change and continuity management in the public sector’
which presents the underlying research for this model, reinforces the idea that decisions for good governance should always strive to bring country performance to the forefront. Her current research focuses on innovative engineering techniques, decision-making models and strategic project management. Rebecca has been a reviewer of journals and has chaired conferences. She continues to publish and has won the Best Conference Paper Award in April 2018 together with her colleague Dr. Joseph Falzon.
  • Change Management
  • Project Management
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Process Optimization in Construction
  • Strategic Governance and decision making

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'DALLI GONZI, R. and 'FALZON, J., 2018. Design Development of Floating Performance Structure for Coastal Areas in the Maltese Islands, ICCMS 2018 : 20th International Conference on Coasts and Marine Structures 2018.

  • CNM5811 - Project Systems 1
  • CNM5812 - Project Systems 2
  • CNM5831 - Engineering Project Appraisal
  • CNM5851 - Pre-Contract Management Systems
  • INS5004 - Geopolitical and Environmental Risk
  • ISE5208 - Project Development
  • PPL5102 - Business Continuity Planning
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