Ms Roberta De Angelis

Ms Roberta De Angelis

Ms Roberta De Angelis

  Dip.Conservazione e Restauro Dipinti (ICR, Rome),M.Phil.(Melit.)

Assistant Lecturer

Room 208
Built Environment Building
University of Malta
  +356 2340 2855
I am an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of the Built Heritage, University of Malta where I teach and co-coordinate the newly established MSc in Conservation of Decorative Architectural Surfaces. I trained as a paintings conservator at the Istituto Centrale per il Restauro (Rome), where I also gained a specialization in Stone Conservation in 1993. After working as a paintings and stone conservator in Italy and Canada, I joined the Malta Centre for Restoration (MCR) in 1999 where I stayed until 2002 as co-ordinator of the Paintings Conservation Division, and lecturer in Wall Painting Conservation. Between 2002-4 I read for a MPhil degree at the University of Malta on the deterioration and conservation of an oil painting on stone by Giuseppe Calì. Since then I continued working as a conservator until I joined the University of Malta in 2009 as Project Assistant for a EU project dealing with youth and conservation of the built heritage. I became Assistant Lecturer in 2012, and I am currently reading for a PhD degree at the Wall Painting Conservation Department, Courtauld Institute of Art (London) where I study the technology of Maltese wall paintings and its implications for conservation.
  • Technology of wall paintings
  • Inherent causes of deterioration of wall paintings
  • Environmental causes of deterioration, in particular salt deterioration
  • Analytical techniques, with an emphasis on non-invasive methods and microscopy
  • Effects of past conservation-restoration treatments
  • Materials and methods of remedial interventions

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