Prof. Sandra C Buttigieg

Prof. Sandra C Buttigieg

Prof. Sandra C Buttigieg


Associate Professor

Room 7
Block A, Level 1
Mater Dei Hospital
  +356 2340 1906
Sandra C. Buttigieg is Associate Professor and Head of Department of Health Services Management (HSM), Faculty of Health Sciences, UOM, and Honorary Senior Research Fellow, HSMC, University of Birmingham, UK. She is Consultant Public Health Medicine, Head-Clinical Performance Unit, and member-Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Team, Mater Dei Hospital. She lectures in HSM, Public Health, Family Medicine, Research Methodology and Evidence-based Management.

Professor Buttigieg strongly advocates inter-/trans-disciplinarity within HSM in practice/research. She believes that health organisations'/systems' performance as a macro-concept depends on policies, people and operating systems.

Her research, therefore, focuses on, but also links, clinical performance management, quality of care, patient safety, health information technology, organisational behaviour, operations management/research; and policy issues (ageism, migrant health, One Health).

She authored/co-authored several articles in peer-reviewed international journals, and widely participated in international conferences, and congresses. She is on the Editorial Boards of the International Journal of Human Resources Management, Journal of Health Organization and Management, and Frontiers in Public Health. She is currently also Guest Associate Editor for Frontiers Veterinary Science, and Frontiers Topic Editor: Network for Evaluation of One Health (NEOH) – Case Studies. She is a member of the research committee of the Health Care Management Division, American Academy of Management; and co-chair of special interest group, within the European Health Management Association on ‘best practices in health care management’. She reviews extensively for numerous peer-reviewed journals in health care, management and psychology.

She was visiting scholar at - James Madison University, Aston University UK, Kuwait University, and guest speaker in various international events. She is Fellow of two programmes of the Salzburg Global Seminar, related to health care, which were led by amongst others, past presidents of the Institute of Medicine, namely, Donald Berwick and Harvey Fineberg.

Professor Buttigieg participates in the EU-funded programmes: Horizon2020 - To REACH; COST Actions: CA 15222 – cost containment and quality of care (leader-WG 1); TD 1404 – NEOH (co-leader-WG 3); IS 1402 – Ageism (co-leader-WG 1); and IS 1103 – Adapting European Health Systems to Diversity (country-coordinator).
  • Performance management in health care (KPIs, hospital dashboards, team/unit/hospital performance)
  • Quality of health care and patient safety. Use of LFA, AHP, QFD and Six Sigma for quality improvement initiatives
  • Health policy issues (ageism, migrant health, One Health)
  • Organisational behaviour (leadership, teams, stress, psychological contract, social support, engagement)
  • Human resources management and development
  • Operations management/research (length of stay, readmissions, delayed discharges)
  • Information technology in health care management

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  • HSM5108 - Introduction to Health Systems Management
  • HSM5111 - Advanced Health Systems Management
  • HSM5112 - Governance and Performance and Quality Management