Prof. Sandro Lanfranco

Prof. Sandro Lanfranco

Prof. Sandro Lanfranco


Associate Professor

Room 227/228/247
Biomedical Sciences Building
University of Malta
  +356 2340 2379, +356 2340 2850
  • Vegetation ecology
  • Algal ecology and taxonomy
  • Metacommunity ecology
  • Freshwater ecology
  • Ecological field techniques

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ZURBA, K., LANFRANCO, S. and MATSCHULLAT, J., Preliminary investigation of greenhouse gas emissions from terraced fields in Malta.

  • BIO1030 - Diversity of Life: Non-Animals
  • BIO1060 - Introductory Environmental Science
  • BIO1070 - Perspectives and Research Methods in Biology
  • BIO2020 - Plant Biology
  • BIO2500 - Design of Biological Investigations
  • BIO2510 - Field Biology - Terrestrial Habitats
  • BIO2530 - Ecology and Ethology 2
  • BIO3030 - Evolution, Phylogeny and Adaptation
  • BIO3060 - Field Biology - Coastal and Marine Habitats
  • BIO3520 - Natural History of the Maltese Islands
  • BIO3550 - Plant Systematics
  • BIO5003 - The Marine Environment: Biological Patterns, Processes and Resources
  • DOC6032 - Introduction to Student Mentoring
  • EMP2021 - Ecosystem Management for Biodiversity Conservation
  • IMS5026 - The Maltese Natural Heritage
  • MSS1001 - Physical Science
  • MSS1005 - Conceptual Physics
  • SCI3501 - Academic Writing and Statistical Techniques for Scientific Research