Prof. Saviour Formosa

Prof. Saviour Formosa

Prof. Saviour Formosa


Associate Professor

Room 333
Humanities B
University of Malta
  +356 2340 2042
Prof. Saviour Formosa is an Associate Professor within the Department of Criminology, Faculty for Social Wellbeing, University of Malta. He has a Ph.D. in spatio-temporal environmental criminology, a MSc in GIS and a BA(Hons) in Sociology. His main area of research is spatio-temporal analysis of the social and physical relationships using spatial information systems.

His expertise lies in the implementation of developmental cross-thematic approaches and uses to the data cycle and management with emphasis on the thematic and spatial data structures, visualisation, modelling, web-mapping, analysis and dataflow management and reporting. He is a Member of the Applied Criminology Centre at the University of Huddersfield. Prof. Formosa developed the website which covers ongoing crime-related research and statistics in Malta.

Involved in various research projects, he serves as Malta's National contact for ESPON, GEO, GEOSS and EEA NFP.

Prof. Formosa is a reviewer of a number of international journals and publishers: SAGE, Springer, ScienceDomain, ICCSA, IIIS and ECS.

Latest Books Published:
Formosa Pace, J., Formosa, S., Azzopardi, J., Calafato, T., Calafato Testa, S., Caruana, P., Darmanin, B., Gauci, D., Lewis, O. & Scicluna, S. 2015, SeCollege: Researching the Potential for the Establishment of a Secure College in the Maltese Islands, Department of Criminology, University of Malta, Msida.
Formosa S., (Ed), (2014), Future Preparedness: Thematic & Spatial Issues for the Environment & Sustainability, University of Malta, Msida and Malta Environment and Planning Authority, Floriana, Malta, ISBN: 978-99957-834-6-4
Formosa, S., Scicluna, S., and Azzopardi J., (Eds.) (2013). Realities of Crime, Society and Landuse in the Mediterranean: JANUS I, University of Malta, Msida, Malta ISBN: 978-99957-834-0-2
Scicluna, S., Formosa, S., and Azzopardi J., (Eds.) (2013). Indicators for Crime Prevention in the Mediterranean: JANUS II, University of Malta, Msida, Malta, ISBN: 978-99957-834-2-6
Azzopardi J., Formosa, S., Scicluna, S., and Willis, A., (Eds.) (2013). Key Issues in Criminology: JANUS III, University of Malta, Msida, Malta ISBN: 978-99957-834-4-0

An updated publications list can be found at:
  • Environmental Criminology
  • Spatio-Temporal Analysis
  • Geographical Information Systems
  • Remote Sensing & LIDAR
  • 3D Technologies - Virtuality
  • Urban Planning & Climate Change
  • Post-Disaster Scenarios

FORMOSA, S., 2019. CrimeMalta Annual Crime Review: Year 2018. Pieta, Malta: CrimeMalta Observatory.

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FORMOSA, S., 2015. Rising waters: Integrating national datasets for the visualisation of diminishing spatial entities. Xjenza Online, 3(2), pp. 105-117.

FORMOSA, S., 2015. Visualizing Visualisation: Spatial Conceptualisation as a stepping stone in the transition of Real-Virtual World Interactionism, Valletta 2018: Cultural Mapping: 'Debating Cultural Spaces and Places' Conference, October 2015 2015.

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FORMOSA, S., 2014. If Appleseed Had an Open Portal: Making Sense of Data, SEIS and Integrated Systems for the Maltese Islands. In: B. MURGANTE, S. MISRA, A.M. ROCHA, C. TORRE, J.G. ROCHA, M.I. FALCAO, D. TANIAR, B.O. APDUHAN and O. GERVASI, eds, Computational Science and its Applications, ICCSA 2014. LNCS 8580 edn. Heidelberg: Springer International Publishing, pp. 709-722.

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  • ARC5000 - Archaeology and the Sea - Theory and Methods
  • CRI1005 - Organised Crime
  • CRI2011 - Practical Approaches to Research Methodology
  • CRM3009 - Designing out Crime: Spatial Planning and the Environment
  • ISS5220 - Research Methodology

Member of the University of Huddersfield ACC (Applied Criminology Centre)
Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society UK with IBG
MAGI – (Founder - Vice-Chair) – Malta Association of Geographic Information
MACA – (Founder - President) – Malta Criminology Association
Collaborating Scholar with the Islands & Small States Institute, University of Malta
Member of the European Society of Criminology
Member of the British Society of Criminology

Member of the Board of the Islands & Small States Institute, University of Malta
Member of the Board of the Department of Criminology, Faculty for Social Wellbeing, University of Malta

Latest Projects:
SeCollege: Researching the Potential for the Establishment of a Secure College in the Maltese Islands
Project Leader: ERDF project 156 “Developing National Environmental Monitoring Infrastructure and Capacity”
Project Leader: ISEC Programme 2009 Action Grants Project: "JANUS: The Spatial and Socio-Physical Faces of Crime – a hotspot approach to crime mitigation"
National Project Leader: ESPONTrain
Project Expert: New-Bie, ESF 3110n - Service tender for the provision of socio-technical criminological research services as part of ESF 3110 Project: Better Future: Promoting an Equal and Inclusive Labour Market
Project Expert: Merging statistics and geospatial information in Member States
Researcher: University of Malta Research Grant 2012/13 "SPATEMAP: Spatio temporal mapping of offenders records 2012"
Researcher/Consultant: Inflowence, Enerscapes, Plan4Business, Med-Strategy, OSDDT-Med, Seatoland, Elih-Med, as part of FTZ Projects
Researcher and Advisor at the Corradino Correctional Facility Malta

Previous Projects and Initiatives: Plan4All, Phoenix, DEDUCE, Third Country Nationals, Aarhus Twinning, SEIS, INSPIRE Directive Drafting, CLC1990-CLC2000-CLC2006, LUCAS, EURISY, SENSOR, SOER, ARGOS, Turtle dove quail surveys, Cartruts, Cultura 2000, EEA Effectiveness Survey, EEA translation services (SOE), ESPON Data Dictionary, IRENA (RDP), Polymetrex Plus, Intermetrex, Leonardo, TF Insitution Building (IB200x), EUROGI-GINI, DG REGIO feasibility study LAU2, Permitting and Monitoring Twinning Light Project...

International Representation:
Contact Point: ESPON - European Spatial Planning Observatory Network
National Focal Point: European Environment Agency
Principal Contact: GEO/GEOSS - Global Earth Observation / Global Earth Observation System of Systems
Committee: Copernicus/GMES - Global Monitoring for Environment and Security
UoM representative for CeAS (Centre for advanced studies on terrorism and political violence)