Prof. Spiridione Buhagiar

Prof. Spiridione Buhagiar

Prof. Spiridione Buhagiar



Room 203
Built Environment Building
University of Malta
  +356 2340 2871
  • Buckling of Thin walled cold formed sections
  • Pre-stressed Concrete design
  • Glass structures
  • Building waste recycling
  • Connection design
  • Buckling of Flanged cruciform sections
  • Timber Design

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Research is currently being carried out on:
(a) Developing methods of recycling and reconstituting limestone building waste, with a view of
using waste building material to make new sustainable building products. This work has been
submitted for a patent. A number of publications on this research topic are currently being
prepared. A patent has been registered with EPO.

(b) The interactive buckling of flanged cruciform columns, FE analysis, and development of
design guidance

(c) The structural capacity of timber joints, and methods of local strengthening.

(d) The structural capacity of timber beams with web openings.