Dr Ing. Stefania Cristina

Dr Ing. Stefania Cristina

Dr Ing. Stefania Cristina


Senior Lecturer

Room 416
Engineering Building
University of Malta
  +356 2340 3654
Dr Stefania Cristina graduated with the B.Eng.(Hons) degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Malta in 2008, and received her M.Sc. by Research and Ph.D. degrees in 2010 and 2016 respectively, from the same University.

Dr Cristina has been active in the fields of image processing and computer vision for over nine years. She has contributed towards the same fields through the publication of several papers in peer reviewed international conferences and journals, and acts as reviewer to various international conferences.

Dr Cristina has supported both student and internal University projects related to the fields of image and signal processing, and computer vision. She has also been involved in the application process and implementation of several projects that have received national funding, as well as research proposals for EU funding under the H2020 Programme. She presently forms part of the Technical Managment Team of the R&I-2016-010-V WildEye project, financed by the Malta Council for Science and Technology through FUSION: The R&I Technology Development Programme 2016.

Dr Cristina is also the Hon. Secretary of the local Malta Group of Professional Engineering Institutions (MGPEI).
  • Image processing
  • Computer vision
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Assistive technology
  • Eye-gaze tracking
  • 3D reconstruction

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CRISTINA, S. and CAMILLERI, K.P., 2018. Unobtrusive and pervasive video-based eye-gaze tracking. Image and Vision Computing, 74, pp. 21-40.

BONNICI, A., CRISTINA, S. and CAMILLERI, K.P., 2017. Preparation of Music Scores to Enable Hands-free Page Turning Based on Eye-gaze Tracking, 2017, ACM Symposium on Document Engineering, pp. 201-210.

CRISTINA, S. and CAMILLERI, K.P., 2016. Model-based head pose-free gaze estimation for assistive communication. Computer Vision and Image Understanding, 149, pp. 157-170.

CRISTINA, S. and CAMILLERI, K.P., 2016. Model-free non-rigid head pose tracking by joint shape and pose estimation. Machine Vision and Applications, 27(8), pp. 1229-1242.

CRISTINA, S. and CAMILLERI, K.P., 2015. Model-free head pose estimation based on shape factorisation and particle filtering, 2015, International Conference on Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns, pp. 628-639.

GATT, A., FORMOSA, C., CASSAR, K., CAMILLERI, K.P., DE RAFFAELE, C., MIZZI, A., AZZOPARDI, C., MIZZI, S., FALZON, O. and CRISTINA, S., 2015. Thermographic patterns of the upper and lower limbs: baseline data. International journal of vascular medicine, 2015.

FORMOSA, C., CASSAR, K., GATT, A., MIZZI, A., MIZZI, S., CAMILERI, K.P., AZZOPARDI, C., DERAFFAELE, C., FALZON, O. and CRISTINA, S., 2013. Hidden dangers revealed by misdiagnosed peripheral arterial disease using ABPI measurement. Diabetes research and clinical practice, 102(2), pp. 112-116.

  • ENR3008 - Team Project
  • ENR5026 - Science Communication in Engineering
  • SCE3021 - Biomedical Signal and Image Processing for Medical Physics
  • SCE3101 - Dynamic Systems and Signals 2
  • SCE4104 - Practical Applications in Computer Vision
- On-going research projects:

R&I-2016-010-V WildEye, financed by MCST through FUSION: The R&I Technology Development Programme 2016.

- Past Projects:

2016: Eye-gaze tracking in the wild, awarded funding under the FUSION R&I Commercialisation Voucher Programme.
2012: R&I-2012-057 Eye-Communicate: Robust Cost-Effective Eye-Gaze Technology for Assisted Communication, financed by MCST through the National Research & Innovation Programme.

- Awards:

2014: Best Paper Award for “Cursor Control by Point-of-Regard Estimation for a Computer With Integrated Webcam”, ADVCOMP.
2012: Winner of the local heats of the IET Present Around the World Competition (PATW).
2012: 3D-Head project consortium nominated and short-listed for the Malta Engineering Excellence Awards.
2011: Selected as project finalist during the Campus Party Milenio Movistar in the category of Science and Sustainability, Granada, Spain.
2009: Malta Group of Professional Engineering Institutions award for Best Student Project.
2009: Chamber of Engineers award for Best Electrical Project.
2008: MITTS award for Most Enterprising ICT Project.

- Professional qualifications:

2012: Awarded the local Engineering Warrant, and the right to practise the Profession of Engineer.