Dr Stephen Lungaro Mifsud

Dr Stephen Lungaro Mifsud

Dr Stephen Lungaro Mifsud


Senior Lecturer

Room 10
Block A, Level 1
Mater Dei Hospital
  +356 2340 1161
Stephen Lungaro-Mifsud is a senior lecturer and Head of the Department of Physiotherapy at the Faculty of Health Sciences and its Deputy Dean. He holds a Diploma for Teachers of Physiotherapy (UK), a Masters in Gerontology and Geriatrics (Malta) and a Doctorate (PhD) from the University of Bradford for research into home physiotherapy within the unique Maltese context. His research interests are various, but he strives to focus on the rehabilitation and well-being of older persons in their own communities.

Stephen teaches on undergraduate, postgraduate and continuous professional development programmes. He has been involved in the development of the undergraduate clinical placement as a pivotal learning environment, leads a inter-professional CPD in clinical mentorship, co-authored and helped develop the 1st National Strategic Policy for Active Ageing, He sits on various boards and committees within the faculty. Stephen had spent time as the faculty staff representative on the University Senate. His centre of attention remains the evolution of local physiotherapy through education and research, updating of the Departmental course programmes and driving Faculty development. Having embraced the mantra of “leading from behind” a long time ago, Stephen enjoys participating quietly in collaborative projects that lead to beneficial change.

He had represented the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) in consultation meetings with the WHO on the publication of the World Report on Ageing and Health (2015), and on the draft Global Strategy and Plan of Action on Ageing and Health. He later represented the then fledgling Global Alliance for Rehabilitation in WHO meetings in Geneva on the implementation of the Global Strategy. Stephen chairs a special interest group in physiotherapy for older persons and is working with colleagues to resurrect an interdisciplinary academic association related to the study of ageing and its many facets.

A keen interest in pulmonary rehabilitation, community and home physiotherapy, the use of technology to enhance physiotherapy for ageing people...
  • Physical rehabilitation of ageing people
  • Digital Health
  • Community care
  • Home rehabilitation
  • HSC4061 - Clinical Education in Practice (Mentorship)
  • HSC5111 - Research Methods for Health Care Professionals
  • HSC5122 - Evidence Appraisal and Synthesis
  • PHT1066 - Kinesiology
  • PHT3016 - Rehabilitation of the Amputee
  • PHT3103 - Physiotherapy for Older Adults
  • PHT4112 - Clinical Sciences - Physiotherapy for Older Adults
  • PHT4114 - Evidence-based Patient Management