Dr Susanna Thede

Dr Susanna Thede

Dr Susanna Thede

Senior Lecturer

Room 315
University of Malta
  +356 2340 2625
Dr Susanna Thede is a resident senior lecturer at Institute for European Studies. Her research interests are International Economics, Institutional Economics and Political Economy. Dr Thede has previously worked at Lund University, Paris School of Economics and University College Dublin (often in externally funded projects) and is currently involved in collaborative projects with colleagues at RWTH Aachen University and Örebro University. She is acting as referee for many international academic outlets including Open Economies Review, Review of Development Economics, Southern Economic Journal and World Economy. She is a research affiliate at Örebro University School of Business and a member of the Forum for Research of International Trade and the European Economic Association.
  • International Economics
  • Institutional Economics
  • Political Economy

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  • EST2229 - Research Methodology and Writing Skills
  • EST3208 - The Economics of EU Policies
  • EST5332 - Advances in European Union Trade Policy
  • EST5337 - European Union Cohesion Policy
  • EST5603 - Political and Economic Approaches to European Union Integration


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Papers in pipeline: The Effect of Corrupt Market Experience on FDI w. Patrik Karpaty (Revise and resubmit Journal of Comparative Economics), Tariff Overhang and Aid: Theory and Empirics w. Oliver Lorz (Revise and resubmit Journal of Development Economics).

Papers in Progress: Evidence on the Civilizing Effect of Trade; The Trade Effect of Brexit: A META Analysis w. Gilmour Camilleri and Melchoir Vella (UoM research grant EUSRP02-21).