Dr Therese Bajada

Dr Therese Bajada

Dr Therese Bajada



Institute for Climate Change
and Sustainable Development
45, Arapacis
Triq l-Esperanto
  +356 2340 3404
Dr Bajada was awarded her PhD in 2018 from the Centre for Transport Studies, within the Department of Civil Environmental and Geomatic Engineering at University College London. Therese used the case study of Malta to explore her research topic, which was on the impact of bus reform on behaviour and policy. Therese also holds a B.A.(Hons) in Geography and M.A in the Geography of Cities, both obtained from the University of Malta (2002 and 2006, respectively).

Prior to joining the UM as a full-timer in 2010, Therese was a Visiting Assistant Lecturer with the Geography Department. She is now a member of the Institute for Climate Change and Sustainable Development, where she provides lecturing services in Human Geography, Sustainability, and GIS to several faculties and institutes.

Before joining academia Dr Bajada worked for six years with Transport Malta within the Integrated Transport Strategy Unit, where she applied her GIS skills on national projects such as the Valletta Transport Strategy (2004) and the Public Transport Reform (2008). Therese also participated in EU related projects, such as CIT-U-M (URBACT 1) and PAGUS (INTERREG IIIC - South Zone).
  • Public Transport Reforms
  • Transport policy
  • Transport planning
  • Travel Behaviour
  • Travel Planning
  • Transport Equity
  • GIS applications

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  • BIO3090 - Environmental Applications, Informatics and Management
  • CCS5104 - Transport Management
  • CIS2208 - Mobile Computing
  • CIS5212 - Geographic Information Systems
  • GEO1005 - The Geography of Populations: Concepts and Theories
  • GEO1009 - Culture and Society
  • GEO2014 - Academic Writing and Research Methods in Geography
  • GEO2035 - Geographic Information Systems
  • GEO3027 - Transport Geography
  • GEO3085 - The Human Geography of the Maltese Islands
  • GEO3089 - Geography Synoptic Study-Unit 2
  • GSC1400 - IT Skills for Geoscientists (GIS)
  • NUR0236 - Environmental Health related to Nursing
- Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society with the Institute of British Geographers
- Associate Member of the Institute for Sustainable Energy
- Member of the Transport Economists Group (UK)
- Member of the International Professional Association of Transport and Health
- Member of the Transport and Health Science Group (UK)

Project Aegle Innovation Prize 2018 to Promote Sustainable Mobility (3rd place).