Dr Valeria Vanesio

Dr Valeria Vanesio

Dr Valeria Vanesio

Before joining the University of Malta's DLIAS, Dr Vanesio was post-doc in Archival History and Archivist of the Malta Study Center (HMML, USA) from 2018 to 2020 and she was involved in a range of activities that includes: projects of digitization, preservation, and archival description; creation of a specific authority file for the records related to the Order of Saint John and the Maltese archipelago; research projects on the archival history of the Order also in collaboration with Universities, Research Centers, and other institutions. She was also in charge of a 3-years project of reorganization of the historical fonds at Magistral Archives of Order of Saint John in Rome (2014-2017) with the creation of an internal archival guide. Dr Vanesio was awarded the Heckman Stipend from the Hill Museum and Manuscript Library (2017) and the Premio Bibliographica 2016.

Her main field of research is the archival and institutional history of the Order of Saint John, with a particular focus on the early modern period and the Maltese and Italian archival scenario. She held a Ph.D. in Archival and Library Science at Sapienza University of Rome and two specialization diplomas at the State Archive in Rome and the Archivio Aposolico Vaticano.

Dr Vanesio has conducted research in Italy, Malta and United States and lectured in Italy and Malta. She has also presented at diverse conferences at various universities and events in Europe and is involved in international projects and collaborations with the Malta Study Center at the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library, Sapienza University of Rome and the University of Nice. Dr Vanesio is a member of ANAI (Associazione Nazionale Archivistica Italiana), ICA (International Council on Archives) and RSA (Renaissance Society of America).
  • Archival and Library Science
  • Archival and Library History
  • Digital Humanities
  • Italian public and private archives and libraries
  • Mediterranean and Melitensia studies
  • Archives and Institutions of the Order of Saint John
  • Cataloguing standards
  • HST2020 - Archives for Historians
  • LIA1201 - Introduction to Archival Description
  • LIA1518 - Classification, Subject Indexing and Authority Control
  • LIA5014 - Archival Description
  • LIA5016 - Electronic Records, Digital Archives and Digital Libraries
  • LIA5018 - Legal and Ethical Issues of the Information Professions
Ongoing research projects:

RENOwN Project: Réseaux, Espaces, NOblesses en Méditerranée. Project directed by
professors Anne Brogini, Germain Butaud and Charles Bouveyron. Université Côte d'Azur,
Initiative of Excellence University (2019- ).

France and Malta in the Age of Revolution, 1775-1815. Research project aiming at
digitising, cataloguing and studying the records related to Malta, France and the Order
of Saint John from 1775 and 1815 directed by the Malta Study Center, led by Dr Daniel
K. Gullo, and involving many holding institutions in Malta and France (2019- ).

HMML Authority File (HAF) Project by HMML and the Malta Study Center. Multi-year
project funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities to create a definitive list
of authority files for the Order of Malta, including corporate names, geographic names,
personal and family names to be submitted to VIAF and Library of Congress (2020- ; Dr
Valeria Vanesio is an external consultant and advisor).