Dr Vanessa Camilleri

Dr Vanessa Camilleri

Dr Vanessa Camilleri



Room 5,
Level 1 Block A,
ICT Building
University of Malta
  +356 2340 3540
Dr. Camilleri's lectures at the Faculty of ICT. Her work is in the area of human-computer interaction, virtual reality applications, and serious games. Before she joined the Faculty of ICT she lectured at the Faculty of Education, where she was teaching Computing in Education, as well as Educational Technologies (including open education, and eLearning) for a number of years.
These experiences have contributed to Dr Camilleri's strong beliefs in inter-Faculty collaboration. She is also a great believer in quality Education that is a key factor for success in today's world, and that is further enhanced by the digital possibilities and technology applications that are driving much of what makes up our society.

Her publications are mostly in the areas of autonomous learning projects and possibilities and her current research interests are in the field of Virtual Worlds for Education and Serious Applications. She is also involved in 2 funded projects that deal with the the use of games for learning.

Together with teaching, research constitutes a very important component in Dr. Camilleri's academic career. However this doesn't deter from where possible contributing to the Faculty's other administration duties such participation in sub-committees.

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