Prof. Vincent M Buhagiar

Prof. Vincent M Buhagiar

Prof. Vincent M Buhagiar



Room 206
Built Environment Building
University of Malta
  +356 2340 2849
- 1st degree: B.E.& A. (Hons) 1987
- 2nd degree: M.Sc. (Lond) 1995
- 3rd degree: Ph.D. (Wales) 1999

Appointed P/T lecturer: 1992-1996
Appointed part-time lecturer: 1996-2000
Full-Time Lecturer: 2000-2006
Senior Lecturer: 2006-todate

MCST, Energy Network Coordinator: 1995-2000

Academic Posts

 Energy Network Co-ordinator and Project Manager: Malta Council for Science & Technology: National Energy Policy, Expo'98, Refurbishment of new offices at 36, Old Mint Street, Valletta & Villa Bighi, Kalkara, 1995-99.
 Temporary Part-time Lecturer, Faculty of Arch. & Civil Engineering
University of Malta (Oct' 92 – Mar '96)
 Part-time Lecturer (appointed), Faculty of Arch. & Civil Engineering
University of Malta (Mar' 96 – Aug '99)
 Full-time Lecturer, Faculty of Arch. & Civil Engineering
University of Malta (15 June 2000 – present day)
 Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Arch. & Civil Engineering
University of Malta (01 September 2006 – present day).

Appointments & Membership of Specialised Academic Bodies

 Faculty Board Member, Faculty for the Built Environment,
University of Malta (01 October 2007 – present day)
 Member of the Energy Auditing Committee at the University of Malta.
 Member of the National Commission on the Environment of the Archbishop's Curia
 EU technical expert on energy use and sustainability in buildings
 Appointed member of Energy Saving Committee, UoM (2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004)
 Malta Standards Authority: Expert Group Member: (2002, 2003,2004)
 Member of the National Commission for Sustainable Development, Malta.
 Member of ACE - TFESA (Task Force on Environment & Sustainable Architecture), Architects Council of Europe.
 Council member of the Malta Chamber of Architects [KTP – Kamra tal-Periti].
 Council member of the former board of the IET (Institute for Energy Technology).
 BICC – Research & Knowledge WG: Editor of INNOVA magazine
 BICC – Waste Management Task Force – author of Waste Management Strategy in the Building Industry (2002)
 Council member (Vice-President) – MEEREA. Malta Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Association, an NGO.
 Member of INFORSE – International Network for Sustainability & the Environment.
 Member of the Warranting Board as per Periti Act.
 Member of the Commonwealth Association of Architects (UK)

Ongoing European Research Initiatives (2006/2007):
COST ACTIONS (various) – Energy Use, Sustainable Cities, Transport & Urban Development.

  • Architectural Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Energy Use in Buildlings
  • Lighting
  • Acoustics & Noise Control
  • Thermal Comfort
  • Post-Occupancy Evaluation

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BUHAGIAR, V. and CREMONA, M., 2013. Thermal Performance of Recycled Globigerina Limestone as a Building Material. 3rd International Exergy, Life Cycle Assessment, and Sustainability Workshop & Symposium (ELCAS 3), 07 -09 July, 2013 2013, ELCAS 3.

BUHAGIAR, V. and ATTARD, M., 2012. Shrinking Cities: The Case of Valletta, Malta, COST Action TU0803: CIRES –Cities Regrowing Smaller, 12-13 September 2013 2012, ESF - European Science Foundation.

BUHAGIAR, V. and BORG, D., 2012. Ground Source Heat Pumps: Potential applications & limitations in Malta. PLEA2012 - 28th Conference, Opportunities, Limits & Needs: Towards an Environmentally Responsible Architecture, 7-9 November 2012 2012, PLEA2012.

BUHAGIAR, V.M., CAMILLERI CASSAR, I. and CAMILLERI, D.H., 2012. Noise Generation from Ground-Borne Vibrations: Beyond Noise Nuisance to Structural Damage, I-INCE 2012– Inter-Noise Conference, 19-22 August 2012 2012, I-INCE.

BUHAGIAR, V.M. and TONNA, G., 2012. Beyond National Minimum Standards:
A Comparison of the Traditional HCB and the ‘AB Thermablock’, ISE-National Annual Conference Proceedings, February 2012 2012, Institute for Sustainable Energy, University of Malta.

BUHAGIAR, V., 2011. Environmental Noise - Nuance or Nuisance? I-INCE 2011– Inter-Noise Conference, 04-07 September 2011 2011, I-INCE.

BUHAGIAR, V. and JONES, P., 2011. Refurbishment of Historic Buildings: Thermal Mass modified, its influence on Indoor Comfort,
Energy Efficiency and Heritage Value. PLEA 2011 - Architecture and Sustainable Development, 13-15 July 2011 2011, PLEA 2011.

BUHAGIAR, V.M. and BORG, K., 2011. Solar Control Mechanisms: Effects on Daylight & Thermal Performance - An Experimental Study on a Public Library. PLEA 2011 - Architecture and Sustainable Development, 13-15 July 2011 2011, PLEA 2011.

CAMILLERI, A.M., YOUSIF, C. and BUHAGIAR, V., 2010. Feasibility Study of the First Energy-Efficient Housing Project in Malta. IAEE- International Association for Energy Economics, Vilnius, Lithuania, 25-28 August 2010 2010.

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BUHAGIAR, V.M. and CALLEJA, H., 2008. Lighting and Thermal Performance of Innovative Shading Devices: New Insights into their Aesthetics and Control in a Mediterranean Climate. PLEA 2008 – 25th Conference on Passive and Low Energy Architecture, Dublin, 22-24 October 2008, 22-24 October 2008 2008, University College, Dublin.

BUHAGIAR, V. and YOUSIF, C., 2005. Energy Efficient Housing: A First Case Study for Malta, Proceedings of the International Conference SB04MED Sustainable Construction: Action for Sustainability in the Mediterranean, Athens, Greece.
, 9-11 June 2005 2005, SB04MED.

  • BEN3102 - Design Workshop - Refurbishing a Townhouse into a Florist’s Shop in an UCA
  • BEN5200 - Sustainable Energy in the Built Environment
  • EVD1504 - Principles of Architectural Science
  • EVD2502 - Energy Efficient Design
  • EVD3501 - Advanced Lighting Design
  • EVD5213 - Integrated Design for Services in Buildings
  • EVD5501 - Advanced Architectural Science 1