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The Recognition for Prior Learning (RPL) is the process of recognising learning obtained through formal , non formal and informal learning other than the mainstream certification.

Such learning can also include the acquisition of competencies gained through educational institutions such as schools, colleges, workplaces, life and work experiences, or even through personal interests.

During the RPL process University applicants will be assisted to collate a portfolio of their learning experiences, that can be verified and validated.  This portfolio will be developed together with a Student Advisor (RPL Coordinator) and would typically include:

·         A detailed C.V.

·         Certificates confirming participation in training

·         The scope of duties performed to date

·         A report from an internship/apprenticeship agreement

·         Professional certification

·         Articles or other works written by the applicant

·         Reference letter/s issued by an employer, manager or leader of an organisation

·         Evidence of participation in a project and the scope of the duties involved

·         Evidence of participation in foreign exchange periods

·         Examples of work performed (eg. prepared reports, budget sheets, plans, etc.)

 ·        A letter explaining your motivation for joining University 



In addition to submitting a learning portfolio, an RPL applicant may also be invited to:

·         Undertake a project

·         Sit for an interview/oral examination

·         Undergo simulation/practice observation

·         Undertake a proficiency test in English


Prospective applicants are to contact the Students Advisor Services in order to start the RPL process and identify the learning outcomes achieved through prior certified and experiential learning. Applicants are advised to start this process eight months ahead of the deadline for submission of applications. 


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You will be contacted by the Student Advisory Services in order to submit further details.




Find Your Course


The Student Advisory Services has launched its Findyourcourse Webapplication to be used as a guidance tool by prospective University applicants.  Note that this tool is applicable for those applicants who have completed their Matriculation Certificate and wish to apply for University.  CLICK HERE TO LAUNCH THE WEBAPP 

Find a course

The Course finder is a Facility that enables prospective and current students to view a full description of the Areas of study interested.  This includes the Course overview, course requirements as well as a detailed programme of study.

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Applications for University courses are accepted through the online portal
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