About us

The Faculty of Science fulfils its primary roles of teaching and research by producing some excellent Maltese and international science graduates, and numerous high-calibre research publications.

Our Faculty consists of six departments, each offering a range of study-units at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Our main undergraduate programme offered is the four-year joint honours B.Sc. degree course: students can choose a combination of two subject areas offered by our departments as well as some departments from other Faculties. In addition, some departments run single-subject three-year degree courses.

In addition, the Faculty offers a new (as from 2019) four-year Honours B.Sc. programme in Physics, Medical Physics and Radiation Protection, in collaboration with the Faculties of Health Sciences and Medicine & Surgery, a three-year B.Sc. (Hons) in Science for Education and Communication, in collaboration with the Faculty of Education and a four-year Honours B.Sc. programme in Statistics and Operations Research with Geosciences.

Our departments have active research programmes in various fields of specialisation and also offer M.Sc. and Ph.D. programmes associated with the research interests of the academic body. In addition, several of our academic staff members are involved in national and international research projects, sometimes in association with industry.

Some of our departments are also responsible for rendering essential specialised services at the national level.

  • The Department of Biology provides expert advice within the field of environmental biology to the Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change, and to the Environment and Resources Authority.
  • The Department of Chemistry provides students with a complete education of the principles of traditional and modern chemistry, including a laboratory experience within the curriculum and in close collaboration with academic advisers.
  • The Department of Geosciences runs a seismic monitoring network on the Maltese Islands, is responsible for the GAW station on Gozo, and the maintenance of permanent sea monitoring systems.
  • The members of the Department of Mathematics carry out research that is published in leading journals, in both pure and applied mathematics, with applications as diverse as medical imaging, the structure of molecules, relativistic astrophysics and social networks. A group of academics from this Department organises 'Mathematics Circles' for fifth form (Year 11) students, as well as for those studying pure mathematics in their first year of sixth form. Furthermore, a group of students is being trained to participate in mathematics competitions. The first group competed in July 2019 during the 'Mediterranean Youth Mathematical Competition' held in Naples, Italy.
  • The Department of Physics provides specialised services in electromagnetics, including EMC/EMI, measurement of electromagnetic fields in the environment and occupational exposure.
  • The Department of Statistics & Operations Research provides statistical expertise and has ongoing collaborations with a number of persons from academia, the government sector and the industry.

Contact numbers:

Telephone: 23402450
Mobile: 79010274