About us

Mathematics underlies the pursuit of every scientific endeavour as it equips the learner with the necessary body of knowledge, skills, strategies and competences.

The Department of Mathematics, within the Faculty of Science, acknowledges this perspective and responds to it by contributing to four-year joint Honours degrees with other disciplines such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geosciences, Statistics & Operations Research, Banking & Finance, Computer Science and Philosophy.

The number of students taking Mathematics as a principal subject for their B.Sc.(Hons) has now stabilised at about 60 per year.

Most of the Mathematics study-units in the first two years of the degree are compulsory. In the third year, students are asked to choose a stream from four available options (Graph Theory and Combinatorics, Functional Analysis and Topology, Applied Mathematics, and Biomathematics). The chosen stream will be carried on to the fourth year of the degree, during which a student can also choose a topic to undertake an undergraduate dissertation.

Mathematics graduates may work in the public sector, such as in the Central Bank of Malta, Ministry for Finance, Economic Policy Department, National Statistics Office, Malta Financial Services Authority; and in the private sector such as in insurance companies, banks, financial institutions, gaming companies, and consultancy firms. They may also find employment in the academic, manufacturing, logistics or IT sectors.

We also offer postgraduate degrees, both at masters and doctoral levels (M.Sc. and Ph.D.). Based on world-wide recognition of University of Malta degrees, our graduates and postgraduates have been accepted to continue their studies in a wide range of overseas institutions in Europe, the USA and elsewhere.