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The physics department organises numerous conferences and workshops in various subjects.  Please follow the links below for further information:


Past Conferences 

The Malta meeting followed on from the previous working group meetings, serving to highlight and discuss results and questions relating to one specific working group of the action or to topics that cut across groups. This meeting was organised along the lines of the three main themes addressed by the action: Thermalisation, information in thermodynamics, and implementations. Sessions that tie these themes together also served to provide a bird's eye view of the work achieved by this network, and the major questions that still remain open, as the half-way point of MP1209 is passed.

  • Quantum Malta 2012

    The conference brought together the leading scientists worldwide, working in quantum mechanics and its fundamental problems. Four major research areas were covered, reflecting the current state of the art in the research:

    - Quantum Theory without Observers          
    - Effective Descriptions of Complex Systems
    - Quantum Theory meets Relativity             
    - From Theory to Experiments. 


  • Biological Effects of EMF - 2012 

    In response to the increasing global concern about the biological effects of electromagnetic fields around us, the 7th International Workshop provided the ideal event for researchers, engineers, public authorities, consultants and industries from all over the world to come together and learn from each other.

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