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Physics is the study of the fundamental processes which govern the Universe from the very small world of subatomic particles to the very large scale of galaxies and the cosmic web that connects structures in the Universe.

Through the lens of physics, we can use similar basic principles to describe many different phenomena under one umbrella through which we can explain many features of the world around us.

The Department of Physics has a large research profile that spans many topics in modern physics, with strong links both to international research consortia as well as local industry. The undergraduate programmes offered by the Department offer a proven pathway to career success. These courses not only provide extensive support and teaching resources to achieving a comprehensive understanding of the many themes present in modern physics, but also training in core skills that are becoming ever more important in many parts of industry such as laboratory experience, software development and modelling of complex systems.

Physics also offers a strong pediment to work on problem-solving and data analysis skills as well as giving many opportunities to develop teamwork and presentation skill sets. Another important set of opportunities that the undergraduate programmes offer is that of summer schools which range from working with local research groups to internships abroad such as at CERN which is a global leader in particle physics.

The undergraduate programmes in Physics have led to the start of many successful careers in industry, research and public bodies. These have ranged between manufacturing and the pharmaceutical industry to ICT and Finance. On the other hand, many graduates have also gone on to work in research groups both locally and in other Universities abroad. The core skill set that an undergraduate in Physics offers can be applied in a wide variety of directions. In the public sector this has taken the form of prospects in teaching as well as careers related to the environment or communications authorities.

These courses might interest you. Have a look at the details:

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Physics with another area

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computational Physics

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Physics

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Physics, Medical Physics and Radiation Protection


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