Get involved

Get involved

We have daily mass where people who love music like to animate whilst helping others to pray. We also organise jamming sessions and dream to hold concerts to raise funds too. We sometimes ask musicians to create an original to use for videos we create. So there are plenty of options to get involved. All you have to do is get in touch with us.
From long walks a.k.a. hikes, running marathons, kayaking and much more to keep ourselves fit as we support each other whilst keeping each other, company. Our Beloved Chaplain keeps being an inspiration to this.
If you’re into digital arts, marketing, and like to influence people with such methods, your talent would be put into good use in creating posters, video editing, marketing of events and what not! Get in touch with us. 

Would a University Chaplaincy be Maltese without food? Of course not! How would we welcome international students anyway?

Apart from using the kitchen as a facility to warm your meals or get a cup of coffee with some biscuits, you can also offer to help in preparing food for our Wednesday prayers encounter. Students sometimes offer to cook meals for other students and eat altogether creating a community feeling. Do share your talent with us! Although we’re good cooks ourselves, we are good tasters too !

Interested in mass animation through reading? Or you like creating power point presentations for people to sing along during mass?

Perhaps you have ideas on how to make the chaplaincy environment more prayerful or decorated according to the themes we would be celebrating. Get your creativity at work, and help us in the preparations. Each year, we strive for originality!