About us

About us

The University of Malta Cottonera Resource Centre has been set up to act as a bridge between some of the communities in the inner harbour area and the University of Malta.

The Centre seeks to act as a hub that co-ordinates links between these communities and the University, facilitating resource-transfer and capacity building.

The main aims of the Centre are to promote higher and tertiary education among the communities in question by building on existing skills and resources, providing information, as well as support and guidance to those interested in furthering their education. At the same time, the Centre’s remit is to promote the area’s potential, both in the form of skills, trades and other forms of heritage that are particular to the region.

Some of the activities that the Centre will develop include: 
  • organising conferences, seminars and public lectures related to the Cottonera area
  • collaborating with local councils and civil society on projects, initiatives and events that seek to promote the area
  • conducting or facilitating research on issues or topics related to the area as well as making existing research results more accessible to the community
  • assisting in the logistical aspects of courses organised by the University at all levels
  • managing community-based educational initiatives, both formal and non-formal
  • building networks with entities active in the community, especially educational institutions, agencies looking after the interests of groups that face social disadvantage, and entities that help in career guidance and in the promotion of employment.
The Centre aims to have an intergenerational focus to allow for a range of ages to benefit from its initiatives. It further seeks to adopt a multidisciplinary approach that taps into the various strands of expertise at the University and brings together the perspectives of various academics and entities both within the University and outside of it. It operates through a community centred approach and will continue developing according to what the community identifies as a priority.