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Eugene Fenech:  A Diary of a Maltese Health Official in the French Army (1786-1839). Eugene Fenech (1786-1839) who became a doctor of medicine in the Napoleonic armies, wrote his autobiography in the French Language.  In this autiobiography, there is a lot of information about Calcidonio, his father, born in Cospicua (1754-1820), a lawyer by profession, and who, in 1798 was one of the activists of the pro-French party.  

Francesco Vella and the Standardization of Maltese by Prof. Joseph M. Brincat. Inspired by Arnold Cassola's recent publication on Francesco Vella, an almost forgotten, or at least underestimated author of grammar and reading books for schools the study will attempt to describe Francesco Vella's role in the standardisation of Maltese when great majority of the population was illiterate, and will trace his debt to Padre Soave whose empirical pedagogical principles he followed.

Focus group

The process and implementation of a local tourism plan for Bormla

Dr Julian Zarb, from the Institute for Tourism, Travel and Culture organised focus groups involving community representatives. Several key stakeholder representatives such as local NGO's, Parish and Social Clubs, Local Council representatives, community members and other organization groups had the opportunity to meet up and participate in an interactive focus group to assimilate and review the process and implementation of a local tourism plan for Bormla. These focus group sessions were held on the 17 and 18 October 2013 at the University of Malta Cottonera Resource Centre.