Studying with us

We are all travellers! 

This Faculty keeps growing because it isn't afraid to push the envelope in its quest to give a much-needed voice to all the victims in our society. The fractures in our communities are there to be healed and we want to remain a loop in this quest. In fact getting our message through loud and clear is a priority for us as a Faculty, and this is one of the key objectives of our courses. If we are to succeed, this Faculty needs to remain focused on doing what is right driven by the principles of fairness, forgiveness, empathy, social justice, diversity and inclusion. I am thankful that the talent, passion and quality we have in this Faculty is second to none. Add to the ingredients 'commitment to the cause' and we have a perfect recipe.   I hope you choose us and that your journey will be fun and fruitful. 

Prof. Andrew Azzopardi


Master in Counselling (Gozo)

Postgraduate Certificate in Adlerian Counselling

GRS Intra Faculty Joint BA with Department of Disability; Department of Psychology; Department of Gerontology and Dementia Studies

Diploma in Gender, Work and Society (in collaboration with the Centre for Labour Studies)

Master of Arts in Ageing and Dementia Studies

Master of Gerontology and Geriatrics