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Department of Fundamental & Dogmatic Theology

Welcome to the Department of Dogmatic and Fundamental Theology.

EXPERTISE - Our focus lies on three main areas: Dogmatics, Ecumenics and World Religions. Dogmatic and Fundamental theology raises key questions of truth and understanding about religious faith. Ecumenical theology is a critical reflection on the unity among Christians. World Religions and Comparative Theology involves faith seeking understanding within the horizon of religious plurality.

VISION - We seek to empower our professional and academic understanding through reasoning, experience and imagination just as through the use of Scriptures, Tradition and official teaching. Karen Armstrong couldn’t have said it better … “Theology should be like poetry, which takes us to the end of what words and thoughts can do.”

RESEARCH - In the past months, we have been connecting with students and the community through courses (UG and PG), public lectures, research seminars and significant conferences.

AIM - Our main objective is to enrich the Humanities curriculum and to enhance society by three ‘R’s that describe our theological rigor: Research, Reflection and Re-writing.

Head of Department: Rev. Dr John Berry

Closing Date Dissertation Proposals
Deadline to present dissertation proposals for next Faculty Board is Thursday 8th February 2018 at 1700hrs

Augustinian Institute Academic Year 2017-18

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Dissertation Logbook
The Dissertation Logbook can be found here.


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