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Department of Moral Theology

The main objective of the Department of Moral Theology is to introduce students to a systematic reflection on Christian moral life, to help them to reflect critically on moral issues from a Christian perspective, and to enable them to perceive moral life as a call to holiness.

Courses provide a basic introduction to the main areas of moral theology, including its history and methodology, and a more specialized treatment of specific moral topics related to pastoral ministry in the contemporary world. Courses include: Principles of Moral Theology; Politics, Economics and Theology; Bioethics; Sexuality, Marriage and Theology; Reconciliation; Culture, Religions and Theology; Catholic Social Teaching; Spirituality and Social Commitment; Psychology and Spirituality; Temperament and Spirituality.

The Department offers courses in professional ethics to other Faculties and Institutes.

The focus of research conducted in the Department is marriage, sexuality and the family; bioethics, human rights and theology, business ethics, politics, culture and public life, and spirituality.


Head of Department: Rev. Professor Emmanuel Agius

NEW Bursaries Scheme

10 bursaries of 2,000 euro each for postgraduate students at our Faculty. 

Call for Papers

2018 International Theological Conference on “RESILIENCE IN A TROUBLED WORLD”  on 7-9 November 2018.

Augustinian Institute Academic Year 2017-18

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