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Over the past years, our Faculty has been delegated by the Maltese Episcopal Conference to prepare position papers on a number of legislative bills and other contemporary issues.

The interdisciplinary groups that prepared these papers were coordinated by the Dean and included academics from other faculties and entities. Through this exercise, the Faculty strengthens its structures of dialogue and collaboration with other academics on campus, consolidates its service to the local Church and offers its service to the public in general.

Position Paper on the Bill on Gender Identity, Gender Expression and Sex Characteristics (December 2014)
English - Executive Summary

Position Paper on the Legislation on Organ and Tissue Donation (May 2015)

Position Paper on the Decriminalization of the Public Vilification of Religion and of Pornography (August 2015)

Position Paper on the Legislation Regulating Assisted Human Procreation(November 2015)
English - Malti

Position Paper on the Bill on Conversion Therapy (February 2016)

Position Paper on the Equality Bill and Religious Freedom (October 2016)



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