Boards and Committees

Boards and Committees

The links below lead to information on the various Boards and Committees that serve UM.

Senate Boards/Committees

Animal Welfare Committee
Board to Review Reason for Absence from Assessments
Committee for Student Societies
Committee for Students' Requests
Committee for the Implementation of the Students' Charter
Committee of Discipline (regarding Students' Misconduct)
Committee when students/applicants present a Police Conduct
Digital Education Committee
Doctoral Academic Committee
Editorial Board - Malta University Press
Library Committee
Ph.D. and Master (research) Degrees Scholarship Selection Board
Professional Development Committee for the Doctoral School
Programme Validation Committee
Quality Assurance Committee
Selection Committee for the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings
UM Fitness to Practise Board
University Admissions Board
University Assessment Appellate Board
University Assessment Disciplinary Board
University Research Ethics Committee
Web Editorial Board

Council Boards/Committees

Academic Resources Funds Committee
Administrative, Technical and Industrial Staff Work Resources Committee
Audit and Risk Management Committee
Board of Discipline (Administrative, Technical and Industrial Staff)
Committee to consider extension of appointments of Academic Staff
Finance Committee
Gender Equality and Sexual Diversity Committee
IT Services Committee
Medical Board for University Members of Staff
Safety Committee
Staff Affairs Committee
Staff Scholarships and Bursaries Committee
Student Affairs Committee (including Travel Grants, Bursaries, Scholarships)
University House Liaison Committee

Joint Senate and Council Boards/Committees

Academic Promotions Board
ACCESS Disability Support Committee
Committee for Research Engagement
Committee for Safeguarding the Code of Professional Academic Conduct
Committee on Race and Ethnic Affairs
Research Fund Committee
University Honours Committee
Visiting Lecturers and External Examiners Committee