Rector's Delegates

Rector's Delegates

The Rector, Professor Alfred J. Vella, has appointed a number of delegates to assist in various areas:

Rector's Delegate for Collaborative Masters Programmes

Rector’s Delegate for DegreePlus

Rector’s Delegate for Gozo
Professor Louis Cassar

Rector’s Delegate for International Medical Students Mentoring
Professor Isabel Stabile

Rector’s Delegate for Medical Education
Professor David Mamo

Rector's Delegate for Research and Knowledge Transfer
Professor Joseph Cilia

Rector's Delegate for Science Popularisation

Professor Charles V. Sammut

Rector's Delegate for Student Wellness
Dr Maureen Cole

Rector's Delegate for the Adjunct Office to the Institute for Public Services (IPS)
Dr Mario T. Vassallo

Rector’s Delegate for the Curation of Art Works
Professor Keith Sciberras

Rector's Delegate for the Debating Union
Dr Giuliana Fenech

Rector's Delegate for the Office for Professional Academic Development
Mr James Cilia

Rector’s Delegate for the University of the Third Age (U3A)
Professor Marvin Formosa