President - the Rector (ex-officio)
Professor Alfred J. Vella

Professor Godfrey Baldacchino
Professor Joseph Cacciottolo
Professor Carmen Sammut
Professor Tanya Sammut-Bonnici
Professor Saviour Zammit

Deans of Faculties
Professor Alex Torpiano (Faculty for the Built Environment)
Professor Dominic Fenech (Faculty of Arts)
Professor Nikolai Attard (Faculty of Dental Surgery)
Professor Frank Bezzina (Faculty of Economics, Management & Accountancy)
Dr Colin Calleja (Faculty of Education)
Professor Ing. Carl James Debono (Faculty of Engineering)
Dr Roberta Sammut (Faculty of Health Sciences)
Professor Ernest Cachia (Faculty of Information & Communication Technology)
Dr Ivan Mifsud (Faculty of Laws)
Professor Noellie Brockdorff (Faculty of Media & Knowledge Sciences)
Professor Godfrey Laferla (Faculty of Medicine & Surgery)
Professor Charles V. Sammut (Faculty of Science)
Professor Andrew Azzopardi (Faculty for Social Wellbeing)
Rev. Dr John Berry (Faculty of Theology)

Representatives from each of the Faculties
Professor Spiridione Buhagiar (Faculty for the Built Environment)
Professor Keith Sciberras (Faculty of Arts)
Dr Maria Luisa Gainza-Cirauqui (Faculty of Dental Surgery)
Dr Emanuel Said (Faculty of Economics, Management & Accountancy)
Professor Adrian-Mario Gellel (Faculty of Education)
Dr Ing. Marvin Bugeja (Faculty of Engineering)
Dr Josef Trapani (Faculty of Health Sciences)
Professor Alexiei Dingli (Faculty of Information & Communication Technology)
Dr Ivan Mifsud (Faculty of Laws)
Professor Joseph Cannataci (Faculty of Media & Knowledge Sciences)
Professor Raymond Galea (Faculty of Medicine & Surgery)
Professor Emmanuel Sinagra (Faculty of Science)
Dr Dione Mifsud (Faculty for Social Wellbeing)
Dr Nadia Delicata (Faculty of Theology)

Representatives from the Student Body
Ms Lara Attard
Ms Yasmine Ellul
Mr Beppe Galea
Mr Michael Piccinino
Ms Chiara Vassallo

Members appointed by the Minister of Education
Mr Stephen Cachia
Dr Denise Mifsud

Members appointed by the Institutes

Professor Maria Attard
Dr Odette Vassallo

The Librarian (ex-officio)
Mr Kevin Ellul

Secretary - the Registrar 
Ms Veronica Grech

Professor Nicholas Vella, Director, Doctoral School
Mr Paul Xuereb, Junior College Principal
Ms Angela Tabone
Ms Eleanor Bezzina