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CounterText is a new journal published by Edinburgh University Press and the Department of English. It is uniquely centred on the study of literature and its 21st-century extensions. Is literature what it used to be? Are the broader resonances of the literary being overtaken in the drifts towards image cultures, digital spaces, globalisation and technoscientific advances? Or might the literary simply be elsewhere? CounterText seeks and commissions contributions that explore this fluid 'post-literary' reality in its various forms and challenges.

For CounterText, the post-literary is the domain in which any artefact that might have some claim on the literary appears. Inevitably, most of these artefacts will conform to familiar manifestations of the literary, doing little to reconfigure cultural givens and accepted notions of textuality. However, the post-literary domain also allows for vital and challenging migrations and mutations of the literary. Such artefacts might be called 'countertextual'. The countertextual is strategic, energetic, metamorphic and revelatory of the charged evolutions and radical transformations of the literary today.

Fully peer-reviewed, CounterText seeks to explore this perspective on the literary in the 21st century. The journal is informed by perspectives derived from literary criticism, cultural criticism, philosophy and political theory, with a particular interest in studying technology’s reshaping of literary and post-literary cultures.


Editorial Board 

General Editors

Ivan Callus (University of Malta)  

James Corby (University of Malta)

Associate Editors

Costica Bradatan (Texas Tech University) 

Maria Frendo (University of Malta) 

Stefan Herbrechter (Coventry University) 

Manuela Rossini (Upssala Universitet)

Assistant Editors 

Mario Aquilina (University of Malta) 

Norbert Bugeja (University of Malta) 

Giuliana Fenech (University of Malta) 

Joël Madore (Memorial University of Newfoundland) 

Janice Sant (University of Malta)

Advisory Board

Neil Badmington (Cardiff University)

Lucia Boldrini (Goldsmiths College) 

Ruben Borg (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Arthur Bradley (Lancaster University) 

Gordon Calleja (University of Malta)

Simon Critchley (New School) 

Laura Cull (University of Surrey)

Espen Hammer (Temple University) 

Fiona Hughes (University of Essex)

Francesco Marroni (Università G. D’Annunzio, Chieti-Pescara) 

Giuseppe Mazzotta (Yale University)

Laurent Milesi (Cardiff University) 

Stuart Moulthrop (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

Michael O’Neill (Durham University) 

Jean-Michel Rabaté (University of Pennsylvania)

Nicholas Roe (University of St Andrews) 

Stuart Sillars (University of Bergen)

Patricia Waugh (Durham University)

David Wills (Brown University) 

Nigel Wood (Loughborough University)



CounterText is published three times a year and features both special and general issues. It publishes articles, interviews, review articles, short fiction and poetry that address its aims and scope as set out above. Each issue will typically run between five and eight papers (which may include an interview), one text of fiction or poetry, and reviews/review articles. 

The Editorial Team welcome submissions to CounterText and questions about the journal and may also commission contributions and special issues. All contributions shall be in English and subject to peer review by two referees. Special issues may be edited by Guest Editors. 

CounterText is sympathetic to a broad range of critical and theoretical approaches, including contributions which critique its assumptions and premises. 

The journal welcomes and encourages exploration of the literary in all its guises, across both traditional and evolving formats and media.

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