Study Italian

Embark on a three-year adventure and explore Italy's literature, language and the very same culture that helped shape and inspire some of the most illuminating minds in history. 

Studying Italian means perfecting your linguistic tools and enjoying poems, novels, films, art, music and television shows that will enable you to discover Italy in innovative ways and to reflect on various aspects of society, history and humanity. Enjoy being part of the Department’s interactive environment that is further enlivened by the numerous events that are held all year round.
The Erasmus+ Study Abroad programme will allow you to study in a city or town of your own choice and to immerse yourself in an exciting learning experience! 

As a fresh graduate, you will possess a rich cultural education and a wealth of transferrable skills like critical thinking, adaptability, communication skills, attention to detail and the ability to work in a team. Our dynamic department will give you the necessary flexibility in any endeavour you choose to take on in the future. 

Invest in a centuries-old innovative tradition and one of the foremost cultures of the world. 

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