About us

They rode, or walk’d, or studied Spanish
To read Don Quixote in the original
A pleasure before which all others vanish.
Lord Byron, Don Juan (Canto the Fourteenth) 

¡Bienvenido al Departamento de Español! ¡Bienvenido a tu Departamento!

The Department of Spanish and Latin American Studies is a team of vocational teachers fully committed to the intellectual and personal growth of our students. We are an inclusive community of teachers and learners passionate about interculturality and about understanding the human condition. Together we study Hispanic cultures sharing our love for knowledge and learning from one another.

Our undergraduate programme is unique inasmuch as it provides comprehensive coverage of Hispanic cultures and societies — it combines intense language learning and applied linguistics with the study of all periods of Spanish and Latin American histories and literatures, as well as film, visual arts, music, and Portuguese.

A degree in Spanish will permit access to a broad range of liberal professions, such as education, translation and interpreting, the diplomatic service and EU institutions, international business, and any area of endeavour where a knowledge of languages is an asset.

Our undergraduate and Ph.D. programmes are underpinned by the depth and breadth of our research. Some of the recent published research conducted in the Department is concerned with new approaches to the analysis of Spanish and Latin American history, literature and applied linguistics.

The Department works alongside internal and external stakeholders in the promotion of Spanish culture on campus and across Malta. Some recent events organised in concert with the Spanish Embassy and the Instituto Cervantes include language teaching workshops and research seminars with guest speakers from Spain and other European countries.