About us

The Faculty for the Built Environment has, as its focus of study, those issues that relate to the design, or 'creative organisation', of the built environment, which is the physical environment that is created as a result of human intervention.

Our Faculty aims to address these issues in a holistic manner, from the macro-scale of the urban and rural landscape, through the integration of buildings and structures within such landscape, to the micro-scale of the construction detail, in such a way as to allow it graduates to work to 'make another world, a better world'.

Formerly known as the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering, here, we seek to embrace the wider meaning of the term 'architecture', which is derived from the latin and greek terms that mean master builder/construction leader. We seek to re-interpret the classical Vitruvian principles of 'firmatitis', 'utilitatis', 'venustatis' ~ robustness, utility and delight, to the contemporary requirements of the environment, and of the construction process.

As a faculty team we welcome you to our website and invite you to explore our departments, research projects and other information which could be relevant to you as a student.