Centre for Entrepreneurship & Business Incubation

About us

About us

The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation (CEBI) was set up to educate and support graduates in the creation of successful Knowledge-Based and Knowledge-Intensive business ventures.

CEBI started delivering its first NQF level 7 (postgraduate) programmes in July 2013.

Every academic unit at the University of Malta has its Board of Governors, and CEBI is no exception. The CEBI Board of Governors consists of the Rector as the Chairman, the Directors of CEBI, the Corporate Research and Knowledge Transfer Office (CR&KTO), and the Malta University Holdings Company (MUHC), and other academic and business exponents. The CEBI board has strategic oversight over CEBI and the Business Incubation Centre (BIC).

The Centre for Entrepreneurship was set up with the following objectives:

  • to stimulate and support the growth and development of Entrepreneurship in, inter alia, Science, Technology, Engineering, Media and Creative Industries  in Malta on practical, strategic, educational, and research levels;
  • to deliver a world-class, postgraduate education and training in Entrepreneurship, through, inter alia, a practical hands-on approach;
  • to supply various Faculties, Institutes and Centres at the University of Malta with Entrepreneurship related teaching and advice at different academic levels;
  • to engage in business incubation at the University of Malta, and to oversee the running of a business incubator at the University of Malta in close liaison with the Office of Corporate Research and Knowledge Transfer and the Malta University Holding Company;
  • to engage in generating and coordinating funding efforts related to Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation;
  • to stimulate and engage in world-class, cutting-edge Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation best-practices;
  • to stimulate and engage in world-class, cutting research in Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation disseminated in leading conferences, journals and books in the field;
  • to participate in local and international collaborations and research, funded and otherwise, with leading institutions in the field;
  • to contribute to the development of the local and international Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation community through participation in networking events, conference organization, chairing and reviewing committees of such conferences, journals and books.